Michael Louis

In the past few months, I spent the majority of time indoors due to lockdown. In this horrific time, I utilise my time in reading stories online, surfing new fashion icons which are original and right influencers as I am a big fan of luxurious items I use to search creative people.

In this time with my writing, I also came across one thriving talent named  Michael Louis, a creative designer and influencer who I feel is real talent when it comes to producing some chic luxury items. 

For me, Michael’s story is an inspirational one. I used to see his online videos, podcasts how he started and how he managed to grow as a brand in a short time. 

Today I am sharing this young man’s talent because we need people like him who can inspire others to do well in a tough time. I learned one big thing from him is that be original and creative in your work and share it on social media platforms. It helped me a lot in this Pandemic time as Michael’s fashion sense is incredible.

Additional setting the Michael Louis design aside from relaxation, the number of handmade equipment with unique colours, prints, and choices are accented by the versatility to customise merchandise together with your initials, identify, favourite phrase or emoji. By this present day, three pillars have pushed the Michael Louis model from the beginning: Expression, High quality, and Craftsmanship.

I listened to a podcast and researched his work that helped me believe that if you have the will you can find the way. He also helped me relax a bit with his fantastic craftwork. 

One lesson which I learned from Michael Louis is Expression, High quality, and Craftsmanship and all which I feel will help me a lot in my writing too.

Jigar Saraswat,

Content writer,

Surendranagar, Gujarat, India.