A MERMAID 1900 BY JOHN WILLIAM WATERHOUSE – Waterhouse portrayed the fierce and dark mythology of mermaids. In the old days, mermaids were known to lure sailors to death with their enchanting bodies and songs. In the painting, the mermaid is seen sitting on the shores rather lonely and caressing her hair while her lips seem to be melancholy singing a song. Any relationship between sailors and mermaids was doomed as mermaids couldn’t leave in a human land and sailors couldn’t live in water. The painting in a symbolic way explains the ever insatiable human longings. For the mermaid, the endless murmur of waters couldn’t be compared to the sounds of humans and this creature couldn’t enjoy the joy of womanhood.

7 Wonders of the world. Wonder – Wonders of the world.  

I wonder, do you like being butt free naked as much as I do?  I love being naked, it’s sooo freeing, it brings me sooo much delight. I love the imagery of the skin tone of the flesh of the naked truth. Nothing to hide. Only a celebration. 

My next poetry book will be titled “the Naked Truth”

Katie Chonacas in front of a James Franco painting photo by Jeff Carrillo

F U to all the MF’s who have ever fuxking touched me.  Who do you think you are? How do you think you can just touch another person without their permission? Applying your charm, your force, your grossness, who do you think you are? 

Cowardly, unaware, mis taught, no compassion, no mindfulness, no kindness, no care for the respect and communication of another.  

How dare you.  How dare your circumstances. No shame, no blame, unkept, untaught, naive, well not anymore. 

Stand up, speak up, ASK permission. 

NOW is always the moment esp if you do not know, esp if you do not care. 

Who are you to touch someone? Another soul?  It’s such a sacred intimate moment.  

Why rip that from someone? bc you hurt, bc it was done to you? Bc it’s what you were taught? No fuxking excuse. 

You ASK.  Be respectful and responsible, yes at the age of 12,15,18,20,22,24,27,33,35,40,44,47,50, I mean are these the lucky lottery tickets? 

Do the numbers need to keep going up, esp at the mature age of 40?  Yes they do! There are gross MF out there who are in their 50’s, 60’s shall I dare say 70’s? Yes, it’s pathetic and gross AF. 

It’s does not matter 0 to hero.  There’s no ping pong back and forth

I only did this, I only allowed that.  It’s an unhealthy mindset, an unhealthy mind frame.  It’s awkward, it’s ok, it is, but it’s good to have awkward- uncomfortable communication until it’s not.  Until one knows solid ground – solid energy – otherwise one will be taken advantage of and the other is just taking advantage of themselves. We need to be and do better. 

I love being naked. There’s nothing more than what I love is to be naked on a sunny beach, with my toes in the sand – every day or at least 4 times per week with a smile on my face, free. Joy. White space. 

Free from judgement.  Free from justice as it does not exists in the moment of pure bliss. 

I wish pure bliss for you.  I wish pure bliss for us all.  Speak up ? which means if you do not want to do it, do not

If you do not want to go then do not. 

If you want to and you know it’s not right, look at yourself, why cut yourself short of life’s grand plans for you?

When we act and do something we want to do but know it’s going to be twisted and hurt someone else, others, and one may feel you are getting away with something, but hunni you are only cheating yourself. 

You are only digging a black hole so deep of isolation which is a death threat, kills and the other person does not care for your overall well-being. 

It does not matter if they are a multi millionaire or multi billionaire.  

I’ve seen and had it all. – they are dried up with nothing to give to your soul which cannot be bought by universal law. Don’t get it twisted, it’s twisted!  Well, it can for a very cheap price which will then in turn only make one feel worse and completely insecure.  Cash will soon be obsolete anyway. Cheap cash, cheap thrill. 

Trust me, I know, be there, seen that, felt that, tried that, it’s a psychological circle, game, a fun time, a quick dime of a meal, of a moment, of a fun time over and over again on someone else’s yacht.   

Growing up in LA, so sad to see all the model girls act and be the way there were for a free meal and a materialist designer bag and or shoes.  Filling their small little egos – for what?  Ego gratification. Playing oneself so small.  It was sad to see for so many years, such a turn-off but many people played these games. These ways and still do. Have you seen Netflix’s mini-series Hollywood ?- in post-World War II Hollywood, aspiring actors, and filmmakers will do almost anything to make their showbiz dreams come true- nothing has changed, same desperate vibes.

I share this because if you are reading this do not fall prey to such shortcomings along your journey.  Know your worth, if you do not know your worth take time for yourself, discover, dream, wonderGod is good. God is great. Some know the saying “the youth is wasted on the young” but it’s not and I am here to share with you rise, rise and rise again. Know your worth, discover, find it, want it, and make it all yours.  On your terms, not someone else’s.  Period. 

To all of you little MF out there since I was in middle school, who has ever touched me without my consent FU 

I am even speaking of putting a hand onto me or a ten foot pole in shop class! An arm around me.  It’s not ok to touch and put your hands on an individual unless the “feelings” are mutual.  

Wake up and speak ? UP 

This is for gay, straight, men, womxn, lgbtqa, little girls, boys, this is for all human beings who have senses and feelings.  Health and Emotions are our number one gifts. Let’s respect them, ourselves, and others as a whole now and always. 

Thee End

The inspiration behind the Abduction of Psyche painting was based on the Latin novel, not surprisingly known as the Golden A$$! In the myth, Princess Psyche couldn’t fathom the fact that Goddess Venus was earning more beauty accolades than herself. Out of rage, Goddess Venus ordered Cupid her son lure Psyche to make love with a beast. The unexpected or rather the expected to us happened! Instead, Cupid fell in love with Psyche. After lots of trials and obstacles, the two culprits got immortalized and the two in love beings as portrayed in the painting ascended to heaven where they married and remained happily after that.
Katie Chonacas shot by Seth Sabal NYC

It’s my beautiful body, it was gifted to me. I will no longer feel the feeling of shame, I will no longer allow my psyche to destroy the way I feel about myself or play small to fit the approval of others. I implore you to do the same.

Be you, be true and show up for life without blame, without shame, without guilt. Shame no more!

Our bodies, our choice, our way or the highway!

With Love and Gratitude for your soul xo



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