Madison Anaya

A letter to my twenty-one-year-old-self that I hope you’ll steal for the days when you feel like your dreams are too big like you’re too incapable, and that it would be worth it to give up.

I wish you knew how absolutely capable you are of everything stirring in your heart. I wish you knew that those big, giant dreams you have…they actually start to come true so don’t give up on them.

You are beautiful, strong, and sure as hell have a place at the table. Please don’t waste any more time thinking that somehow someone else has taken your seat. It’s right there, where it’s been all along.

You have the ability to move mountains if you want. The only thing holding you back from those glimpses that God keeps sharing with you when you’re trying to fall asleep or alone in the car is you.

No one gets to tell you how far you can go in life. No one gets to tell you what you get to share with the world. If you don’t understand something-learn it. If you feel alone-be a friend. Everything you need to get you to the next level is out there.

Don’t use not knowing or not having the resources as an excuse for not stepping up the plate of your own life.

You’re going to do things that terrify you. Things that are made to serve the people around you. Don’t back out. The work is too important.

Don’t pass up on opportunities that are calling your name because you think you don’t belong. You do. Whether it’s for you or for someone else.

I know sometimes you think you’re alone in this, but you’re not. I know you question if somehow God accidentally gave you the wrong dream because you’re just, well you.

Here’s the truth. That’s EXACTLY why he chose you.
With every ounce of my being, I believe in you.

Now, you don’t get to say you’re alone in this, you have me. I’m here cheering you on, pushing you forward, and praying that you never for one second think to give up on it.

Are you struggling with comparison? I’ve been there. Here’s how I handle it.

I shared this letter to my twenty-one-year-old-self on my Instagram and the response in DM’s blew me away.

What would you tell your twenty-one-year-old self?