Hi, I’m Malen. How have you been? How was things going so far? Don’t rush anything. It will unfold easily on God’s grace– These are the things I would like to say to my younger self. I’m imagining myself that I’m already on my 50’s. 

Hey, eat right, drink a lot of water. Don’t stock up too much. Everything’s gonna be fine. Exercise everyday, most of all meditate. Be kinder to yourself more than ever. 

I would say that you keep a daily journal of everything that you want to achieve, you want to aspire or maybe you want to let go. In the end, you’ll look back on your list and be really surprised and laugh at yourself how your goals back then. Again, take it easy.

Hey, save as much as you can, be a master of your money instead of being a slave of it. Handle your finances accurately but don’t forget to give back when you have too much. Do it generously.

Sleep & rest are most vital & key to long-term well-being. The more you this, the more your energy you’ll have to reach your highest potential. 

Always practice gratitude. Be thankful of everything that you have. Keep things cool and most of all fear not to age–you’ll get there nicely.