A level playing field is a concept about fairness. That all play by the same set of rules. This is not a new concept. In the medieval age men resolved their differences on the field. Though women were typically excluded from such battles, there was at least one exception. In parts of central Europe, women could fight their husbands to the death.

According to medieval justice laws, as men were physically stronger than women, men were given a handicap in order to level the playing field. Men would be placed in a whole dug in the ground and women would be given rocks and could run around the outside of the pit. While this process may seem antiquated, at least it gave couples equal footing. Unlike the court system today.

The litigation process for dissolving a marriage can quickly become stressful. Sometimes divorce involve one spouse with access to a disparate number of resources, while other is effectively broke. In such David versus Goliath cases, the financially- disadvantaged or non-moneyed spouse could be forced to retaining a lesser quality attorney, self-represent or be forced into taking a lesser settlement. Often the non- money spouse is the woman who is disadvantaged from the outset. She can end up unnecessarily sacrificing important rights and wealth.

At times women will stay in a marriage because they do not feel they can support themselves financially. Divorce funding gives the non-moneyed spouse equal footing on a level playing field. Thanks to funding they can retain the representation or experts required.

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*Bag of rocks not included.