Ariana Ost has always had an eye for beauty. But it was not until her mother was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and given six months to live that she began to cultivate an understanding of the power of healing. Her family adopted holistic wellness practices and extended her mother’s life by three years longer than the doctors predicted. Now Ariana, working alongside her father Jack, combines her love of wellness with her passion for jewelry, yielding designs that feature healing crystals and promote mindfulness.

Ariana’s approach to wellbeing is one that appreciates both our sense of purpose and our sense of health. I spoke to her about the power of a good mindset to transform the world around us and why hot-cold therapy should be part of every wellness routine.

Beth Doane: You are known for your work in wellness and healing. How did your journey in wellness begin?
Ariana Ost:
I grew up traveling with my dad to Paris on business and found myself and inspiration there. I would marvel at the beauty in this special place with its perfect attention to detail. I noticed how an aesthetic had the power to change how I felt. I then studied at Parsons School of Design in New York City and Paris and went into fashion and jewelry design after graduating.

In 2006, my world was shaken when my mother was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and given six months to live. My father researched endlessly, and we discovered the world of wellness and power of natural healing. My mother became vegan, got rid of every toxic product, filtered her water and air. She was able to extend her life by three and a half years, defying every odd and prognosis. The quality of life she experienced during her healing journey was incredible. After she passed away in 2009, I was forever changed, committed to sharing her story and power of nature to restore us.

After getting married I was looking for my own purpose and flow between my personal and professional life. I founded my own design service business but knew I wanted more. I wanted to merge my love of design with my passion for yoga, spirituality and wellness. After becoming a mother, I wanted to create a legacy for my children, honor my mother and spend as much time with my father as possible. I started the Ariana Ost lifestyle brand — ‘Ost’ is my mothers maiden name so her name would live on as well as the creativity she instilled in me. My father joined me in business and we became partners to help heal the world in a fashion-forward aesthetic. The brand grew organically. We source nature’s jewelry healing crystals from all over the world to bring joy to people and their spaces.

Doane: Your story of starting your company is rooted deeply in your personal life and your firsthand experience with healing. How have these practices continued to help you?
: My wellness rituals have gotten me through everything. I have many non-negotiable self-care practices to make me best self. I need to take care of myself emotionally, mentally and physically to be able to show up in every role in my life. I am a mother of two children and a doggy, a wife, a daughter, a business owner, and I still try to embrace my individuality. I love to take long hot baths, meditate, practice yoga, bike ride, have deep conversations, cook healthy creative meals and practice overall mindfulness. I definitely need ‘me time’ to recharge and feel in charge.

Doane: What are three wellness tips you can share with our readers that you swear by?
A great attitude goes a long way — mindset is the greatest control we have in our lives. Choose to see through a positive lens and your life will feel like its in technicolor. Keeping a good perspective has made my life so much more meaningful. Be in charge of the narrative you create in your own mind.

Move your body everyday. Don’t let your energy field get stuck. Stay active in your body and mind. My favorite things to do are to re-oxygenate my body through breath work and practice inversions to get the blood flowing.

Hot-cold therapy has been a game changer for how I feel. Try to sweat everyday to detox, whether it’s through exercise, a hot bath, sauna, steam or whatever gets your sweat glands going. Then, cold plunge or cold shower to tone your vagus nerve and experience an energy boost and mental clarity. For me, the hot-cold exposure is like hitting a reset button for feeling fresh and invigorated.


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