Please note the following factual experiences are in alphabetical order vs. chronologically or meaningfulness.

Broadway/Film:  Auditions, rehearsals, and set visits with my mother, the casting director Shirley Rich: Paul Newman, Dustin Hoffman, Meryl Streep, John Travolta, Jon Voight, Rod Steiger, LIZA, Bette, Christopher Walken, Kathleen Turner. Hal Prince, George Abbott, Stephen Sondheim, agents, managers, producers, and directors.

Conde Nast/House of Guerlain:  The one time in my life I entered a contest. I won a $7,000 trip to Paris for two. One month later, serendipitously and unrelated, I was offered a dream job at Random House, aka Conde Nast.

Harvard Class of ’44 Twenty-Fifth Reunion:  My father’s class. Harvard Second Generation Happiness Study. Phenomenal male role models. Provided me from the age of six a distinct and palpable comfort level within to engage personally and professionally with complex high achieving, well-rounded gifted men. 

Kenya, Africa:  On my first night around the campfire next to my tent, the lead guide proudly shared that he had worked on the movie “Gorillas in the Mist” for Peter Guber. I was currently at that very moment working with Peter Guber, and the movie was just about to open.

Michael Beckwith @Omega Institute:  A rare privilege to spend three days studying and working with Michael in a room with less than 100 people. Dancing, singing, chanting. Sitting on the floor in the first row was the single most vibrational and energetically transformational experience to date. Having a private and intimate conversation at the end of the weekend was surreal. I reflect and draw upon the wisdom and energetic vibrations he bestowed on me daily.

Oval Office:  Working for the President’s Scheduling Office. Asked to sit frequently at the desk of the President’s Private Secretary, outside the Oval Office when the President was out of town. Giving private tours for individuals. Speaking with Vietnam Veterans on the phone and answering their correspondence. 

Sitting in the Rose Garden watching the signing of The Peace Treaty.

Fruition.  I called the main number to the White House from a payphone. A week later, I was working in the Oval Office. Please note. I had no connections or education in government nor politics.

My story will be published this year in The White House Historical Association’s award-winning journal/newsletter.

Repeating First Grade: The catalyst that set the trajectory for my life going forward.  Agony, ecstasy, and redemption.  Provided me with skills, acumens, fortitude, curiosity, and bold fearlessness that is the foundation of my emotional, social and spiritual intelligence. 

Snatam Kaur:  A singular all-day class with only 100 people in New York City. Snatam’s organic Illuminati is even more translucent than in her photographs. Snatam’s hug was rapturous and ever-lasting.

Stock Trading:
I taught myself how to trade. I purchased a subscription to one of Jim Kramer’s aka The Newsletters. Within the same month, they held their first lottery for new self-taught traders to come into the office for a private meeting after closing. I think there were 20 seats? I WON! a place at the table. An amazing, wow of an experience.

Student Body President in College:  I lost my first campaign as a junior. I won the presidency on my second try as a senior. Impeached for smoking marijuana. I held a student government meeting where I was the only person in attendance. I reinstated myself as president.

Temple Mount – Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem: Predawn 3.00 a.m. I went alone. I was the only person in the front entrance until sunrise. I was the first person to be let inside. The men asked me if I wanted to go downstairs? This is a premiere holy Islamic shrine. I am a woman and was by myself. They let me stay downstairs for quite a few minutes with the man cleaning the carpet. Please note the timing of my visit is in familial polarity of how my life unveils itself. I was in Israel studying at a Modern Orthodox Yeshiva, located directly on the Wall when I had this experience. 

The Vatican:  I was invited to attend Ash Wednesday and sit in the third row indoors at The Vatican. There were only 500 seats in the room. Later in the day, prior to a private tour of the Vatican. I was offered the privilege to sit alone for ten minutes in St. Peter’s Basilica to pray and appreciate the art.

Fruition. I wrote a cold letter of introduction to Cardinal O’Connor at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  Two months, later I was in the Vatican.

Wall Street, investment banking:  Visiting my father’s office. Watching old-world genteel investment bankers interact in a civilized manner. Learning about his clients Bill Levitt (Levittown), Charles Bluhdorn (Gulf & Western/Paramount).


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