Just recently I was on a zoom call with the entire public health team. The Director of Public Health was updating us on all that was going on and the changes that were about to happen in the council. We are embarking on a programme of change with a, “New Ways of Working” approach being implemented. The Public Health Division has been working flat out for many months as a result of the pandemic. Our team is responsible for making sure the city of Birmingham population receive testing and information about the vaccination programme that is underway in the country. Many of us are feeling quite tired as we haven’t had the opportunity for holidays for sometime. Justin was making sure that we were considering our resilience and health needs. He then said, “I know that some of you were not able to attend Marion’s session on reflective practice that she did as part of learning week. I really suggest that you listen to the recording of the session. It gives you some tips on how to thrive under pressure and the use of reflective writing. I think all of you will find it very useful”.

On hearing that I felt so appreciated. I had no idea that he was going to come out with those comments. I had already had lots of wonderful feedback from colleagues who did attend. One member of the team had also spoken to me and asked if I would do some coaching for her. She was feeling as if she’d lost her mojo and what I had said resonated with her. We are just about to start that relationship and I am looking forward to working with her. I have felt acknowledged and appreciated and although the work is unrelenting, somehow having colleagues recognise me for what I bring to the team gives me the energy to keep going.