My gratitude practice has changed the way I look at life. Five years ago I started writing nightly gratitude journal entries.  These nightly entries, over the years, have helped me end the day on a good note and “wake up on the right side of the bed” in the mornings. One reward for sticking to this practice? I can reflect on things I was grateful for the same day last year, the year before, and so forth.  I always smile when I read previous entries for that day.

The other key to my gratitude practice is perspective. During difficult moments (doctor’s appointments!) I remind myself what is important and what I am thankful for – health insurance, friends and family that can drive me to appointments, and the ability to have a conversation with my doctor. Rephrasing the narrative in these moments helps me to focus on the positives.

By triggering my gratitude practice in times of need, I am able to move forward into the unknown with a smile.