Have you heard of “​Strategic Reserve Time”?

It consists of:

Basic job functions-How many hours to complete this work=Strategic Reserve Time

Put another way:

Time available to work- all scheduled work=Strategic Reserve Time

No matter how you slice it, there just aren’t enough hours in a day! Especially with day lights savings time sucking up the daylight! Here are a few things that help me manage my time:

  1.  Get an early start (the snooze button is your enemy!)

2. Make and use lists (don’t forget to look at them!).

3. Make a Schedule – and Stick to It (delineate a time to do each task).

4. Leave a buffer-time between tasks. 

5. Set your alarm (to alert you to stay on your schedule-but again, the snooze button is not your friend!). 

6. Prioritize (complete the most important tasks first -this way if you do run out of time, nothing catches fire).

7. Set some Boundaries (you can’t do EVERYTHING for everyone!).

8. Manage distractions (good ones and bad ones).

9. Do NOT Procrastinate (self explanatory).

10. Stay organized (save that extra 10 minutes while you look for your keys). 

Little changes can save you a lot of TIME and headaches!