The Most powerful and important four letter word in the present dictionary is Love. Moment and feeling of love don’t come in bunches they come one at a time. That is why it is well said, “Live and Love in the moment not in times.” Where there is love there is life. The need of everyone be loved and is loved. There is no meaning to life without love. Many said, “What are you talking about? My heart is empty, I don’t feel the love that is talked about.” Most suffer from penetrating affliction, low self-worth. We don’t feel good, merely dislike ourselves, we hate ourselves. Why we desire things, power, control because we are frustrated and we are not getting love. In the world of chaos we love things and are using people to get things. Things are to be used and people to be loved. Love will be enhanced by the love we give ourselves. You love yourself, you love your life, and you are so loved. Your best self is full of love, when you feel this to be true you also feel good about the person you are. You have begun to love the world. Love is like a warm blanket that comforts and nurtures your Soul. It is selfless. Being in bliss is like being in love. The world is very beautiful and wonderful. Life can be very easy when love is your way of life. It is an experience that is felt, that creates all other experiences. A force that motivates us in different ways. You can love all the time but this is your choice. You define your life by the way you define yourself. This will give inner peace; it will change perception of everything. It’s important to recognize what’s going on and get back the laughter, Joy all that belongs to you. The first step is to surround yourself with people who share a love that supports you with an environment you believe in. When you connect with others with love in your heart, no matter how it is defined, it is the best expression of the light you carry within. Love is the base of all creation. Initiate; plant the seeds of love in your life that always grows in the best way. Have selfless love affair with yourself and live, be happy.