Dear Surfing,

It’s a wet, wild, windy, swell-ridden Sunday and I can’t feel my toes, my ears are freezing and I am trying and failing miserably to get my spare car key out of my leg rope pocket. But, my smile is huge and my heart is light because we have spent another quality morning together.

Denmark 2

It’s been a year since we took our relationship to the next level and I have never been happier. We have always had a connection, but being the free spirit I am, I couldn’t give you the committment required at the time but since focussing on you this past year, life has taken a turn for the better. This year, together we have managed to have many international and domestic adventures, weekend getaways, road trips and fun sessions and although you know I prefer the sunny skies and warm waters, you have still managed to convince me to paddle out when the temperature drops and the skies turn dark and stormy and I will always be grateful for that as its enabled me to learn, experience, improve and grow.

medewi 16

You have offered me adventure and something beautiful that nothing else has been able to do along with allowing be to indulge myself in my ongoing love affair with adventure clothing and gear. I love the sense of freedom and beauty I feel when I am in your company on the ocean. The adrenaline rushes, confidence building sets and sessions, the big drops, the energy and the sun-kissed, glowing look I have on my face when I am in your company. You have pushed me to my limits and enabled me to conquer my fear beyond my own beliefs and expectations. You have quietened my busy brain, reminded me to focus and be present, encouraged me to laugh loudly and woop with delight and set me on my own journey to discover myself. When I am with you life is simple and I feel more beautiful than ever. I feel like I am the best version of myself.


We have spent many sunrises and sunsets together. Sunsets have always been my favourite and you have introduced me to your friends – sea birds, whales, seals, dolphins and sharks. As our healthy and positive relationship has matured, I am becoming more attuned to your moods, changing tides, energy and currents. It makes me love you even more and so proud and happy to have you as a main player in my life.

North Beach 1-2

Over the past year, I have learned so much about myself, my resilience, my strength, my focus and I have discovered how much fun it is to play in the water so I thankyou for taking a main role in helping become a more complete being. It’s so easy and carefree being around you.

medewi 4

I know we have so many more amazing adventures planned which I am beyond excited about. My committment to you has been one of the best decisions I have made and I cannot wait to see where this takes us both!

With all my love



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