I’m not a big fan of the hype, yet feel drawn to do the flowers, candy, date, etc. I mean I don’t want to be thought of as a jerk, right? Well, I write. So, here you go. A Love Letter to You.

Do you know how much I love you? I know I don’t tell you every day. When we’re apart, I feel it the most. My insensitivity. The times I should’ve said thank you and didn’t. The times I pull out of a hug for something “else” that needs my attention. I don’t mean it.

I love the things you do to make our home feel safe. I love the things you do to protect us should we need to leave that safety. Thank you.

I love the gleam you get in your eyes when you’re sharing a special moment you had. Or the squint when you’re smiling for a photo with one of the pets. I adore the pride I now see in photos of you with the boys, or our grown men as they have become.

I love how you hold down the fort when I’m away. I love you don’t try to make me feel guilty for it. I love when I come home to you.

I love how you hold my hand when we fall asleep at night. I love how you try to warm up my hands when they’re cold. I love holding your hand when we walk.

Our long drives usually net me a neck or hand rub that I appreciate. Those are the quiet moments when you just reach over as if you know I need it. Thank you.

Your support of my dreams and endeavors means the world to me. I could not do it without you. I continue knowing you’re by my side always.

I love that we have plans together that cause us both to smile. I love that we can still laugh at the silly things ~ even though they do not happen as often as they used to.

For all the things, I don’t mention here, or to you in person, Thank You.

Most of all, I LOVE that you love me. On this and all our Valentine’s Days, I do Love you.

Originally published at medium.com