Warmth For The Heart

Christmas was close at hand. Our daughter, who was in elementary school, looked sad. At the time we were living in a basement suite. She explained how this Christmas, Santa Claus would not be able to find us because we had moved and there was no fireplace for him to come into our home with the gifts. I did my best to assure her Santa would find us, and he would find a way in too; there would be gifts for her and her brother at Christmas from us and Santa. However, this Christmas was not the same for her. She hung her head, her spirit for this season was darkened by the unhappiness of the move, coupled with her belief that there was no way for Santa to enter into our home.

That night I went to bed with a heavy heart, thinking about what I could do to ignite her love of Christmas, Santa Claus, and all the joys she longed for at this holiday. What could I do to make this Christmas a little brighter? How could I infuse some, much needed, warmth into the season?

     The next morning while our son and daughter were in school, I gathered pens, tin foil, cardboard, tape, glue, and various other crafting supplies. I began building what my heart felt she needed. I hurried to complete my project before I picked them up from their last day at school, which marked the beginning of Christmas break. It needed to be finished and set in place upon their arriving home.

As she opened the door, there next to the television, sat a rickety cardboard fireplace, with a mantel where each of our stockings hung, and an opening just big enough for a magical chubby Santa to fit through. Although this fireplace brought no heat, it filled our hearts with a warmth that entire Christmas season.

Her face was aglow with Christmas magic and it was the best gift I received that year. Magic is made in the moments where love fills in the missing parts.