Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at Stanford, Irvin Yalom is a psychiatrist in Palo Alto, California. Between fiction, philosophy and psychotherapy, he is the author of numerous essays, novels and stories. Irvin Yalom, international literary phenomenon, translated into more than twenty languages and bestseller worldwide.

Universally acclaimed psychiatrist and scholar Irvin Yalom has dedicated his profession to counselling those enduring anxiety and grief. He never faced the need to counsel himself until his wife, esteemed feminist writer Marilyn Yalom, died after being diagnosed with cancer in 2019.

As Yalom says. “self-awareness is a supreme gift, a treasure as precious as life. This is what makes us human. But it comes with a costly price: the wound of mortality. Our existence is forever shadowed by the knowledge that we will grow, blossom, and, inevitably, diminish and die.”

Indeed the better we know ourselves, the better our lives will be, and Irv has dedicated his work to how and why death gives meaning to human life.

In A Matter of Death and Life, Marilyn and Irv share how they took on deep fresh struggles: The book describes the year-long journey by the distinguished psychiatrist and his writer wife after her final diagnosis, as they ponder how to cherish and exist without repentance.  

They offer us a precious window into facing death and coping with the end of one’s beloved. With the enlightenment of those who have thought deeply and the familiar warmth of teenage sweethearts who’ve grown up together, they examine human questions of friendship, love, and sadness.

Informed by two lifetimes of experience, A Matter of Death and Life is a candid gift to anyone soliciting comfort, solace, and meaningful life.

The Yalom’s had many blessings―a caring family, a Palo Alto home under a beautiful valley oak, a wide circle of friends, enthusiastic scholars around the world, and a fulfilling union. With the experience of those who have thought profoundly and the natural warmth of teenage darlings who’ve grown up together, they investigate universal questions of intimacy, love, and grief.

Told by two lifetimes of experience, A Matter of Death and Life is an openhearted offering to anyone seeking support, solace, and meaningful life. 

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A Matter of Death and Life Hardcover – March 2, 2021, by Irvin D. Yalom  (Author), Marilyn Yalom (Author)


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