Does this sound like you? Now and again you think about falling in love and meeting someone special, maybe you start to think it’s time to meet someone and have a family, or you’re divorced and miss having someone special to share your life with but you’re busy. Your business is your passion, you wake up in the morning with ideas and projects to finish, strategies to work on and places to go. The occasional day when things quieten down a bit, maybe a public holiday or a rainy Sunday evening you go online and swipe right a few times maybe even go out on a date but when the person starts texting you and wanting to see you it turns into a bit of a hassle and someone pushing in on your time so you either ghost them (term for not returning texts or calls) or send a message saying it’s just not a good time right now.

Fast forward one year from now. Are you ok to have the same relationship status as you do now? Maybe you are, a year isn’t that long and you may feel you’ll have so much more accomplished, more time available. However being an entrepreneur usually means your driven, passionate and someone that tends to always have a project of some kind on the go.

Fast forward 5 years. Time is now moving on, if you were wanting to start a family and in you were in your early forties 5 years ago you’re now you in your late forties, if you were in your fifties you’re now heading towards your sixties. It’s unlikely you’ve slowed down that much or if you have you’ll now be filling your time up with interesting activities.

Fast forward to the end of your life — you’re looking back over your life and this is the question that’s so important to answer. Are you going to be happy looking back to see that your business came first and you had low level relationships as you were so caught up with your business or you had a lot of short term relationships before they fizzled out either the other person was unable to deal with your unavailability or you called it off as it was too much of a distraction.

The answer to this question determines what you need to do now. If your decision was that you would be happy with having put your business first then carry on as you are enjoy, create and grow but… if thinking about this now makes you a little uneasy and would potentially give you regrets then it’s time to make a change now, this week not next month or next year. Schedule time towards a relationship into your schedule now, block it off in your calendar. If you are going to go online block out time to search and to go on dates, if you’re wanting to meet someone doing something you both enjoy then join a meet up or social club, make time to out and meet people, if you’re planning to get a matchmaker to do the search for you schedule an appointment and block off some time for dates. Make this a priority as much as your marketing or SEO for your business is. Schedule this time into your life now so that when someone comes into your life you’re already in the practice of putting love first.

This is your life, live it with no regrets.

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