If you find yourself lacking solid personal health and are becoming unhappy in life, here is a wonderful solution. What if I told you that running one mile every day could change your life? The act of running in nature cannot only benefit you physically, but it can boost your creative thinking as well. In fact, the idea to write this article came during a run on Christmas day.

One mile may seem like an unbearable amount for those who don’t exercise but a ten minute jog every day can change your life. Whether you are determined to cut ten pounds or you just really want some alone time to think, a simple daily jog can improve various aspects of life.

I have become very fascinated in running over the past five or so years and firmly believe it is a crucial part of the creative thinking process. Not only does a jog in nature ease the everyday anxieties of life, but it is a chance to organize the chaos of life. No matter how social you are in life some alone time is necessary. Loving yourself and mentally organizing your life can help in the field of connecting with others.

Some start to run with the intention to lose weight but the exercise goes much deeper than that. For example, I knew my mind was capable of extraordinary work but I needed an activity to free them. Running a short distance everyday can unleash ideas, create passion for an aspect of your life, and make you an overall healthier individual. Partaking in this activity can ultimately lead to your pay day.

Whether it is assisting in making an important decision, freeing an idea, or increasing the love you have for you body, a mile per day can have a fascinating effect of you.

Originally published at medium.com