We often struggle with achieving goals, because time is our scarcest resource. But these days, attention and focus are equally scarce as we constantly deal with information overload and too many responsibilities. 

Here’s a  minimalist guide for the busy, to help you in setting goals and achieving them. 

Less is more when it comes to goal-setting

Minimalist goal-setting works. When we focus on fewer, carefully considered goals, we’re making them a core aspect of our identity and being. Rather than feeling flustered with everything you have to achieve today, next week and this year, you can live fully in the present moment knowing your most important goals are at the back of your mind. 

So why not take the time out for yourself by asking one simple question – what is my biggest goal right now, in the present? 

It’s all about focusing your mind with clear intentions

When you focus your mind on one destination, the direction starts becoming more clear. We can cut through the haze and single-mindedly begin to imagine ourselves walking towards that one goal. 

When we do this, we can re-train our minds to look at that goal with a different lens. But before we do that, you might be wondering how to pinpoint that one goal among so many others. The two-list method can help you there. 

A simple method for identifying your most important goal

Just take a piece of paper and start listing down all your goals. Don’t filter yet, just write. Once you’re done, read through the list and circle the five most important goals. Write them down on a separate list. Here’s where most people start feeling worried – there’s so much on that first list! But now, you just need to focus on list #2 and forget everything else. Repeat the filtering process to find that one goal.

The 12-week challenge for achieving goals

Now, the next phase. Don’t pressure yourself to achieve the entire goal. Break it down into a smaller goal – what do you need to do next? Then give yourself a 12-week timeline to achieve it. 

Why 12 weeks? It’s a short enough timeframe that the goal does not seem too ambitious. It’s also long enough for real transformation. 

12 weeks is a good time frame for setting habits as well, through consistent action. Keep checking in with yourself from time-to-time, and appreciate the progress you make, however small. Through consistent actions, your mind will slowly get used to this new habit of achieving your goals. 

The two A words: Action and Achievement

Changing your approach towards goals also means changing your approach to two critical things – ACTION and ACHIEVEMENT. This can be a powerful mindset shift that actually pushes you towards your goals instead of weighing you down. 

The 12-week goal approach will prevent you from shifting goals half-way or losing motivation – because the end is in sight. This approach also recognises our vulnerabilities as human beings and how we tend to react to challenges. 

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  • Kartika Sharma

    I’m a voracious reader and a motivational coach. I am also deeply inspired by Arianna Huffington. I firmly believe in positive thinking and try to incorporate that in all walks of life.

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