Air is one of Earth’s most gentle and poetic expressions of love! Even in its frustration, it is still a gem. The very process of air, through the human body is a process of love, in itself. Have you ever smelled the very breath of a loved one? It sounds quite strange, I know. However, appreciating the very air of a loved one is one of the most devoted forms of love. It’s true. Smelling the freshness of a person’s air is a level of intimacy, that so few can comprehend. Perhaps, it’s because we have taken it for granted. When you are a used to having something, there are moments when it was taken for granted. It’s a tragedy because too many people do not nourish its holistic (and sacred energy). It’s a form of meditation and reflection.

Similar to water, air has its own form of musical composition. It produces its own song; many songs, in fact. Then, there are its traces of imagination; and its intimacy with other life forms on the Earth. One of the mysteries of the Earth is how it can only be “seen,” when it has come in contact with a visible matter. For example, when the trees or flowers move, we are given evidence of the wind’s presence. Feeling the coldness of our skin, it is through this experience, where we also experience the wind. It’s very make-up is a testament to love! Let’s go further!

Love is based on the interaction between matter. It requires touch, and the harmony, between contrasting objects. Love is unselfish! It is very sharing, caring, and relies on the needs and compassion of others. Even nature understands this. It’s quite simple. Both the wind and the air are reflections of this.

Hearing traces of the air in music is a skill, in which few musicians (and singers) have been able to master. It requires a certain timber. It demands a specific texture. A singer and musician has to be musically connected with such an Earthly element. It has to be light! It must also carry an acoustic touch. A musician or singer must transform their voice to be like the wind. The re-programming of music to model the elements of the Earth is an entirely different level. It requires release, relaxation, and the surrender to the human ego. Only then can one be in alignment with its Heavenly, and nutritious sound. Only then!

In maintaining one’s rich and operatic sound, there is the possibility of coloring nature’s particular movements. While the wind may appear, bland, it too, has its colorful moments and underlying tones. While they are hidden, let’s make it clear, that they are, there! Simply put, it requires the right tone and timber to, unearth them. How mysterious and mind-blowing the very silence of, the wind!

Beverly Wolff