To me this vision is stars in the sky. The more of us that light up and stand up the brighter we become. The darker the night the more we light up the world. I learned about lightworkers when I was taking my reiki certification class. I never really understood the concept or that it was even a thing, but I always felt that I was called for something more.

When I was in my 20’s I was unsure of what my “calling” was, in fact, I was SOOO jealous of anyone who KNEW what their calling was. I felt that by now I should know, by now I should be doing that mystery thing. Little did I know that every step I took, thinking I was going the wrong way, was in fact leading me the right way. I spent 8 years working in higher education. I had to get over my fear of speaking on the phone, mind you, I was that kid who didn’t even want to call and listen to recordings of the movies that were playing that day (remember those days?!?). I had to learn to overcome CALLING strangers and having hour-long conversations with them and be OKAY with that, in fact, I had to become Good at it?!?! What hell is that???

I did it. Those first few calls that I did were short, but I learned if I took a breath before I dialed, I would be okay. I got so into it that I was really learning about peoples lives, about what their passions and dreams were and what held them back. I had so many people say “thank you for not giving up on me and my dreams”! I was a force. I recognized even then that life gets in the way of people moving forward. We get so caught up in what is happening TO us, that we don’t follow through on becoming who we dream of becoming. We let it happen. Yes, there are sometimes extenuating circumstances (hello 2020), but more often than not it was the daily act of living that held people back from their dreams. They didn’t take the time or the effort to go after what they claimed they wanted. Most of it revolved around fear. The fear of failure, of the unknown, of not feeling good enough. I was their accountability, their soul reminder that they could take the steps towards who they dreamed of becoming. This call, that I was so terrified of making, actually terrified the people on the other end of the phone more,! It was their call to action, calling them out on what they wanted but feared at the same time.

We make so many excuses to why we can’t do something that we refuse to see what is in front of us. What if we flipped the script and wrote the excuses to why we HAVE to do it? When we step into the mindset of the person we want to become we are able to convince ourselves of the action we need to take. We intuitively KNOW what that action is, we just hide from it.

This is what drew me to coaching. The desire to call people out toward their own destiny, dream and future self. The ability I learned to break up with my own fear, face it and help others do the same, because lets be honest, if I didn’t do it myself and have the training I wouldn’t be a very good coach. I FINALLY found my calling. All of that experience, those days that I thought didn’t amount to much, the training on conflict and confrontation that I was dreading actually made sense! The puzzle pieces of life finally came together. My intuition was tapped and ready to go, leading me somewhere I never imagined and toward the person I always dreamed of becoming. That gift of seeing under the surface finally had purpose.

Lightworkers, I have found, are those people that are here to help impact change in the world. To help and guide others to rise up into their own power and light. Those that meditate, or are into a holistic life. Those that see that more is possible but they aren’t quite sure how to get there. Those that believe in the power of intention and magic. Those who tap into the laws of attraction and who are just starting to shine their light. We rise together and THAT is my purpose- to be a part of this network of light: to guide others into their own gifts and voice to shine beside them (and you).

Are you shining as brightly as you could be? Are you becoming someone you wanted to become or are you letting your fear hold you hostage?

It is time to shine.