At the start of a new year I, like many make resolutions. I enter the new year with the conviction of keeping them no matter what, only to discover that I’m losing interest come mid-February.

Every year I say; “What? Are you kidding me? Oh Amy that’s ridiculous. You can do better than that.” And then, I don’t. My resolutions quickly become a faded memory. So, rather than set myself up for yet another crash and burn, I decided to take another approach. This year, I’m learning a skill.

Yep, I’m going to get better at something. There’s something to be said for practice makes perfect, and I don’t even care if it’s perfect. I care that it’s better than it was. There’s nothing like having a sense of accomplishment and pride when getting better.

Interestingly, when we start to get better at something we tend to gain more confidence and as a result we become more resilient. We’re learning to be more flexible. To adjust to the changes our practice leads. This feeling of accomplishment strengthens our will to learn more, do more, even become more. I’m even smiling as I write this knowing that when I hone a skill I will (most likely) become better at it.

My immediate feeling about setting resolutions has me giving up even before I take the first step. That can’t be good. I’m already thinking about failing. When I think about, “What skill do I want to hone, learn, develop?” I’m almost giddy!! It feels good.

As you set the tone for 2022, I’d love for you to consider switching it up, diving in, and embracing a new skill, or getting better at something you enjoy doing. Either way, take the first step.

As adaptable humans the more we place practice on what it is we want to learn and grow from, the more we discover about ourselves. Trying anything new may initially cause us to pause, with perhaps a little fear, and yet once we ‘try’ (just try) we learn that we know more than we thought. And if we didn’t, then we’re STILL learning more than we know.