I am sharing the story of a fictional character, ‘Nadia’ who is so trapped in her mind that she misses the present. It is her journey of suffering as she remains trapped and oblivious to the beautiful world around. It is equally her journey of change, empowerment and breaking free. 

Each one of us, may have a Nadia within- a person who due to their own creation, misses the ‘here and now.‘ 

As you read through this, I want you to think of the many magical moments that elude you, as you dart through the pressing demands of life. Do you savor the hot cup of morning tea, or look at the flower that just blossomed in your garden? 

I hope this story works as an inspiration & reminder, to enjoy the here & now and to forget the past; to allow new beginnings to emerge.


It is a new dawn; with the rising sun, the skyline is a beautiful golden- red hue, birds are singing their early morning song; dew drops are gently falling off leaves, blossoms are beginning to smile and grass blades are shining. Alas, no one has seen this perfect morning.

Nadia, the protagonist of the story, is tossing on her bed. A raging noise has kept her awake all night. Her head is groggy and her tear streaked eyes are bulging. She is tired and spent. She has a pillow tightly clasped over her ears. She is desperate to shut out the raging ‘noise.’ A narrow beam of light, enters her room through a chink in the curtains. She groans and with much effort, yanks at the curtains. The light beam fades away. She wearily rolls over on her bed.

Outside, the birds chirrup. Their trills form beautiful melodies. But, Nadia hears only noise. Engulfed by noise, she lets out a wail & bawls loudly. She holds her face in her hands and sobs uncontrollably.

The sun has now risen high. Nadia’s sobs have slowly faded into muffled snivels & stillness. Nadia feebly gets out of bed and looks at the mirror. She sees the reflection of a dull & dismal face. It has misery lines drawn across. Nadia is horror struck. The ghastly, lifeless face in the mirror; could it be hers? She frantically splashes water over her face and looks on. A despairing, sorrowful reflection remains. Nadia wrenches open a shower faucet. Water gushes and pours down her body and clothes. Blood rushes through her numb veins & Nadia feels tiny electric sparks prickling her. A slight new energy begins to throb under her skin.

Nadia, turns off the shower and walks, soaking wet into her room. She creates several water puddles on the floor. Ignoring the puddles; she strides over to the curtains & throws them open. Light streams in. She marches over to the main door and steps into shining, bright, daylight. She breathes deeply. She breathes once, twice, thrice. She feels relieved. Suddenly, a wave of extreme tiredness and exhaustion, overcomes her. She totters to the garden wall and plonks herself on the ground.

A gentle breeze blows. Nadia hugs herself tight; drenched and cold in her wet clothes. The warm energy under her skin has ebbed. Her momentary activeness has waned into languid inactivity. She sits hushed and deathly quiet. The monstrous noise is roaring again. Nadia warily hears it grow deafeningly loud. Helpless, tears well up in her eyes. A small white blossom, swept by the wind, falls near her. It is a beautiful, fragrant flower, with pure white petals and a deep yellow center. Nadia, with tear laden eyes, fails to notice the blossom. She sits indifferent & unaware of her serene surroundings.

It is now noon. The air is still and hot. Nadia has sat unmoving, for hours beside the garden wall. Her wet clothes have dried and have a bedraggled look. Her open hair is unkempt with wisps falling on her forehead. Her eyes are unfocused.

She looks up towards the skies; and sees an Eagle soaring high. Nadia shuts her eyes and imagines herself soaring. She is on a glider, soaring higher and higher. Now, she is the Eagle deftly gliding over oceans and mountains. She takes in a beautiful panoramic view of the oceans and valleys. She feels the radiant glow of the sun in the distant horizon. She feels power rising within her. She flexes her sharp talons and gathers speed. Her wings flapping and spread, she hurtles towards land. She plunges and just a millimeter away; she claws a scurrying mouse and swiftly pulls out of the nosedive. She soars again.

Nadia opens her eyes. She knows she has to kill. She stands up determinedly. She has all the strength she needs. She shakes her head and with a violent jolt, quells the noise within. With strong movements, she brushes the dust of her clothes and ties her hair. She looks beyond the garden wall and smiles. The world is beckoning. The sun has just set beyond the horizon and she knows, it will herald a new beginning.


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