“I’m too tired” was how I answered my wife and grandkids when they would ask me to go on walks, bike rides or play games in the back yard. When I was younger I was very athletic but for a few years I had experienced muscle and joint pain, fatigue and not slept well. I had gone to the doctor and they ran different tests but they always came back with “we can’t find anything wrong with you”. Being 54 I attributed the way I felt to old age and figured life would just go downhill from there. One day my daughter suggested to me that I try Thrive. I didn’t think it would do anything for me but I also figured I had nothing to loose. We’ll Thrive changed my life. Two pills and a patch daily and my muscle and joint pain went away, my sleeping improved and I had energy. I started exercising again and competed in and finished a 10k obstacle course race. I take walks and play games with my grandkids now. I’m currently training for my next race. Thrive really did give me a new lease on life. I’m forever grateful and I hope someone else can be if it from my experience.