Long before the global pandemic, middle market businesses were unorganized and inefficient when it came to IT. They were not prepared for the next industrial revolution, let alone a health crisis that forced employees to shelter at home. Looking at the current national situation, this massive shift in workplace policies is just the beginning—marking a sea change event for work culture. The Coronavirus is forcing many employers who remain leery of remote work to reverse course and it has become a catalyst for many Industries that are reluctant to adapt flexible work arrangements. Now is the time for business to turn to effectives strategies to create a secure remote working environment. These tips can help:

Security Begins at Home

Enabling employees to securely and effectively work from home should always be a top priority. Given the current health crisis the need for such services has magnified. Common sense tactics include using a different password for your personal devices than the one you use for your work portals. At TetherView, we created Digital Bunker™, a fully compliant customized private cloud solution, featuring leading virtual desktop technology, cutting-edge IT security, and protection against cyber threats—which have increased in recent weeks. There are also other outlets providing remote security, make sure to research your options for the best fit and choose wisely because your data is one of your company’s most valuable assets.

Have A Plan

Just as important as social distancing, it is critical for people, organizations, businesses, and governments to maintain business as usual without compromising safety. With more and more people evacuating their workspace, the time to initiate a contingency plan to enable remote workers is apparent. However, with employees now working across a variety of network connections, devices, and accessing/sharing pertinent data in an insecure manner, your company’s data is now at a HUGE risk. Don’t get caught off guard. Have a plan in place in case you need to quickly move your workforce to a remote set-up, if you haven’t had to do so already.

Know Your Vulnerabilities

Security has become a paramount problem in work from home scenarios. Most businesses do not have the capacity, human capital, or technology to deploy a secure and compliant environment for their remote workers in such a short period of time. For example, our local borough and township are dealing with mass communications issues during this pandemic. We offered broadcast and meeting services to our local municipality and school district. As we take social distancing seriously, many local governments are unprepared.

To make matters more extreme, this outbreak has become an enabler for cyber criminals to retrieve personal information, steal money or infect computers with malware via phishing attacks and email campaigns mimicking the CDC or World Health Organization. We solve this problem by eliminating dependency on single points of failure such as: physical computers, specific locations, or specific internet connection. 

No matter where your employees are geographically, make sure they can work in a secure and compliant environment. We’ve been able to successfully accomplish this by bringing the users to their data—pertinent data never leaves our Geo-redundant data center nor sits on physical devices outside of the data center. That is what we call peace of mind—and during times like these, we recognize that’s hard to come by.


  • Mike Abboud

    Chief Executive Officer


    Michael Abboud is founder and CEO of TetherView. Home of the Digital Bunker and Frictionless Cloud.

    Michael attended both New York University and St. John’s University graduating with a degree in finance.  Michael’s early career was in in global operations assisting with transitioning IT platforms at Goldman Sachs. He later started Monarch Medical a leader in MRI, CT, & PET/CT sales and service.  Michael left the board of Monarch to start TetherView. TetherView is a leading Private Cloud provider that offers a full service cloud solution that encompasses security, compliance, backup and mobility. TetherView has quickly and quietly become cloud computing’s best kept secret. Michael established the main pillars of TetherView to be business continuity, cost containment and unparalleled security.  Michael has more than 15 years of Healthcare and Business Technology experience and has led teams large and small across multiple industries to successful outcomes.