These are our feminist thinkers who are progressive doers towards social change. They are skilled at debating and highly adept merging politics with social transformation, bringing with them fierceness, class, and a maternal instinct. There is no doubt we are in a new chapter of history, and our next president of the United States could very well be a woman.

Marianne Williamson is running for President. She is a spiritual leader, activist, author and lecturer.  She deeply cares about our families, and our communities, and will fight fearlessly to bring the missing collective responsibility to our neighborhoods and our nation. She is well-versed in policies and well-groomed at debates, but there is far more to her poised presence.

“What we need to say is deeper, what we need to say is more painful, and what we need to say is more necessary than ever before,” said Marianne Williamson. “If we are really going to deal with climate change, we need a fundamental pattern disruption of the political and economic status quo in the United States of America.”

Marianne has an authentic empathy, in fact, she embodies it. She doesn’t just talk about policy, she has something that other candidates don’t appear to have: a conscious quest to heal America.  She is a fighter for women’s rights, federal funding with abortion, and a supporter of civil liberties. She has put global warming and economic intervention as one of the centerpieces for her campaign.

She’s the first to remind us that “our task is to generate a massive wave of energy, fueled and navigated by we the people, so powerful as to override all threats to our democracy. Where fear has been harnessed for political purposes, our task is to harness love.” That takes a certain amount of chutzpah, where everybody else is fixated on selling policies, she is invoking love.  But it is a true sign that she is a compassionate candidate who is progressive, peace-loving and will fight to the bitter end. And that may be exactly what we need.

For almost two generations, US governance has shown little or no empathetic care or respect towards the American worker. That’s a tragically sad statement about our politics.

The national problem is about people who work for a living, who don’t have bulging bank accounts, and have been screwed over by decades of crude policies. Systematically, we’ve seen our unions destroyed, the minimum wage sinking because it was never indexed forinflation and the tax burden shifted to them. We are seeing our health care and reproductive rights threatened and an ongoing threat of exploitation.  

We need qualities in a leader; qualities that are truly with and for all the American people, that bring out the best in us and the best in what the blue, white and red represent.  

Marianne Williamson is a presidential candidate at the first Democratic primary debates which will take place on June 26 and June 27.


  • Suzannah Galland

    Life Advisor and Relationship Expert //Breakthrough Intuition

    British born, Suzannah is a Life Advisor and Relationship Expert.  She writes her perspective and insights for Thrive Global, Goop, Harper’s Bazaar, Huffington Post, Medium and KORA Organics.   Designated Vogue's Intuitive Life Coach, she has also been featured in numerous high-profile publications including Forbes, New York Magazine, Refinery 29, Vogue, Los Angeles Magazine, The Telegraph, USA, Today.   She is a contributing author to Goops’s The Sex Issue: Everything You've Always Wanted to Know about Sexuality, Seduction, and Desire. Suzannah has appeared on NBC’s Today Show and as a frequent guidance expert for CW’s America’s Next Top Model: Guys & Girls.