Do you have a dream that you’ve never quite managed to realize? Perhaps you’d like to settle in a house in the countryside. You’ve imagined every aspect and held your vision in mind, but the reality hasn’t yet come to fruition. The experience can be disheartening. Frustration may build up, leaving you feeling hopeless.

We are often advised to visualize the manifestation of our dreams in great detail. Some coaches advise using all the senses, bringing to mind the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and textures. Others suggest making a vision board with images representing all the specifics.

These techniques do have value, but they can also work against us. We may become too attached to a certain outcome, too invested in a particular way of achieving our desires. When we get hung up on a mental image, we may unwittingly keep ourselves from creating a life of contentment and fulfillment.

In truth, there are many paths toward realizing our dreams. When we visualize just one and then focus on that, we may pursue a dead end and fail to recognize any of the paths that would actually take us there.

We humans are not powerful enough to make the space for our dreams to come true in any form at any time; that is the purview of the Divine. But we do have some tools for navigating life skillfully. Our dreams and desires are not fixed mental images that seek to be realized. Rather, they serve as indicators. They point us toward the states of being we’d like to achieve by pursuing a certain dream or goal.

The soul seeks situations and environments in which it is being its fullest self. Ways of being, for the soul, may include freedom, compassion, truth, beauty, serenity, peace, and trust. Each soul comes with a unique signature blend of these states, which define its distinct essence. To thrive, you must identify and cultivate your intended states.

While we may not be able to see the destination encoded in our dreams and desires, we do have the ability to discern our intended states of being. These can guide us, just as a compass does. We may not know what to do, but we can figure out how we would like to be, and that insight can lead us in the right direction. For instance, a dream of living in the countryside might be rooted in an intended state of serenity or connection to nature.

So next time a desire bubbles up into your consciousness, ask yourself this question: “Who would I be if this desire was fulfilled?” The answer will provide you with an indication of the state your soul seeks to be in. That state becomes your North star while guiding you towards a better life. Your dream, the mental image, then becomes the vehicle to achieving that state. 

When you’re pursuing your dreams, openness and flexibility are essential. It is key to trust in the Creator who has imbedded unique qualities in you. Always remember that the Divine is guiding you and caring for you. Your role is to seek opportunities to be in your intended states and express your soul’s beauty in the world. For example, if adventure is one of your states, you might go skydiving, travel to the Amazon, or simply go to an adventure park nearby. As long as you are able to fulfill this need inside of you, you are feeding your innate nature the life it needs to sustain itself.

Even when we are on the right path, the way will not always be smooth. We are called upon to maintain faith and acceptance of what comes our way. While it isn’t always clear to us why our lives are unfolding as they are, and certain moments may be painful or distressing, we can take comfort in knowing that all is as it should be. Creativity requires a certain amount of challenge to flourish. Life is always providing us with whatever we need in order to grow. Pleasure and pain are the two forces for change, so embrace them, and you will grow into the life of your dreams.

Let go of the specifics of your dreams and desires, and focus instead on gaining clarity about your intended states of being. That is the first step in achieving your dreams. Once you achieve that clarity, make a commitment to yourself to pursue those states that most fulfill your soul.

As you do that, stay open to the form your dreams may take in reality. The intended state of serenity, for example, will be fulfilled at some point, but the reality may not look like you first dreamed. It may come about when you are ready to make the decision to move to the countryside. Or it may be that life forces you to scale down, and you choose to live in a tiny home on wheels. This could be an unexpected opportunity to live the peaceful life of your dreams by going wherever you want. The simplicity and freedom of that life might make you feel more serene than the responsibility of maintaining a country home.

Always let your innermost desires be your guide. It is the soul’s essence, not your limited human imagination, that will lead you toward true happiness. This is the journey that will fulfill the intention of your creation.

Action item: Bring to mind a longtime dream or desire that you haven’t yet achieved. What states of being does it imply? Who would you be if that dream was fulfilled? Look for ways to pursue these states in your life. Share your experience in the comments below.

With Love, 


Originally published at on August 31st, 2017.