I’ve started a practice that breaks apart common words into two versions, each hold specific energy, feeling and meaning. Interestingly, most of these words begin with Re.

The British Dictionary defines Re as a preposition: “with reference to.”

How often do we associate feelings with words? A lot. And on the wellness journey, even a slight shift or baby step gives way to a new internal dialogue, one that enriches instead of depletes.

A major “Aha moment” occurred during a healing session with my client who expressed particular importance to let go of “not being enough, not having enough time, and not being able to get it all done.”

With my focus on their creativity, I encouraged a new approach to achieve a better outcome. This “not good enough” story clearly lacked any foundation, definitely not one built upon happiness and confidence. Creation from chaos can only sustain the discord.

It reminded me of a famous quote shared with great insight from the pinnacle of human intelligence, Albert Einstein:

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

Sidney Perry, courtesy Unsplash

So when ideas hold a specific point of view reference, does this correlate to the choices and actions made?

In this particular instance, my client could not feel efficient. This belief system (B.S.) promoted stress, which continued to give momentum to whole story of “not being good enough.”

Clearly, the perception of Resource needed refinement, more customization to honor the client’s intention to feel better. How could the word Resource be transmuted for my client, who only saw underachievement? I asked this question intuitively to be shown, only for the highest good of the client. At this point, I saw the word Resource shift into a hyphenated version of itself, as Re-Source.

Together we looked at both words and noted how each felt mentally, emotionally and physically. Resource pointed outside of the Self, a means to an end. Re-Source created connection to Source, the infinite Presence and infinite supply, a Re-Connect. Here was another Re word. So many Re words exist in our language. Even Re-word offers a new way to communicate.

As we Re-Gain and Re-New our awareness through our authentic voice, we Re-Invent new possibilities for better health, better choices and better balance. Re-Source truly Re-sides within our own ability to heal. This Re-Solution offers an empowered and pretty cool way to Re-Word our inner dialogue.

Originally published at medium.com