I cannot destroy evil out there. Evil doesn’t exist out there.

Evil is an idea that exists in my own heart.

It’s the anger I have toward those who hate. Toward those who harm my family. Or who harm innocent beings. Or who harm the planet. Or who harm justice. Or who harm whatever I care about.

Evil is anything that threatens my identity, threatens my existence or gets between me and what I want.

I feel it inside of me. And I become angry. I want to destroy it. Because it feels more potent than this fear I experience.

Anger is a powerful motivator.

It is what drove me to the Zen monastery where I trained in the first place.

You see, I didn’t go there because “I was so in love with my life.” But love is what kept me there all those years, and it gave me a voice to express a new way.

Love as my creative force.

I learned that I could hate suffering, or I could love freedom. I could beat myself into overcoming resistance, or I could love myself into living my dreams.

You may call it a matter of semantics, but for me, I say that how you do what you do is everything.

It either poisons or nourishes. Separates or unifies.

Holds together or dissolves.

Evil into love.

In lovingkindness,