And, it is so simple, that it may be THE resolution you can keep.

Drink “more” water every day.

You have heard the fact that our bodies are mostly water. About 70% of body weight. But did you know that many medical experts say that water is the most critical substance we can consume?

Over 80% of people report that they “don’t drink enough water.” And 75% of people are reportedly dehydrated.

The benefits of water and hydration have been around for years. (Remember the slogan “You should drink 8, 8-ounce glasses of water a day.” For me, that never worked. Estimating eight ounces was tough, and then the pressures of the day would make me lose count.) It is clear our bodies need water. Water is essential for kidney function, blood glucose levels, and joint lubrication. It also regulates our body temperature and promotes proper digestion.

To name a few reasons.

But now, neuroscience tells us that our brains need water too for peak performance. Being creative. Thinking clearly. Remembering where you put your keys.

Our brains are 73% water. Without proper hydration, our cognitive abilities decline, and our thinking can become cloudy. We are subject to mood swings, and we are more prone to anger. None of the behaviors that match up to New Year’s goals.

The question then becomes, “How much water should I drink?”

You could go by the old 8 X 8-ounce glasses, or…..

Drink MORE than you are drinking now.

Now you may ask, “If I don’t know how much I am drinking now, how will I know if I am drinking more?”

Great question!

If you are like me, you only drink (water) when thirsty. For 2020, commit to having some water BEFORE you get thirsty. Thirst is a message your brain sends you to say, “feed me.” When you get this message, it is past the time you should have refueled.

Make a resolution to “drink more water.” Your brain will thank you for it.

Al Roehl

Leadership Excellence thru Neuroscience