I’m sitting here reading posts on IG, FB & Snapchat. The more I read the more I’m noticing that social media is one of the most influential places in the world for a young girl, a young adult.

With well known institutions telling her she has to look and act a certain way to have any worth or influence.

You’ve got to be a pretty face, wear makeup & wear next to nothing to fit in, to get a lot of likes and grow your following.

In the social media world everyone wears a mask and their content is controlled. These videos, words & pictures have power. If you have a daughter you soon witness her – strength, fierce courage, soft beauty and intelligence.

Reading these posts make me realise that some people won’t see her that way. I don’t agree that we are losing this generation to their phones or social media. As parents, leaders, friends, role models & coaches we also have power.

Our words also carry the strength to influence, so here’s a few to our daughters;

Dream – As you figure out what you want, fearlessly pursue your dream(s), set goals, be relentless in achieving them with commitment & integrity.

Courage – make bold decisions not only from your head but sometimes it’s important you follow your heart, your intuition (inner leader) will guide you especially in difficult social situations.

You – there’s no one else like you, so love yourself before you love anyone else. Never care what people think because they’re thinking it anyway.

Perfection – it simply doesn’t exist – filters create great illusions.

Family & Friends – surround yourself with people who challenge you, stand up for you when you’re not around & love you even on your bad days ❤️

Finally, play music (loud), turn the volume down on negative inner thoughts and be ready to slay those monsters because sometimes they look cute.

Dad x