The very calling of the Most High grants us a sacred awakening to, peace! It feels protective; an alignment with a higher power has come. What do we do when in a time of chaos? How do we cope when things have nor gone our way? It simply feels like a different aura. Things are different. There is a spiritual victory, in the air. Peace becomes into a stillness of praise. It was a calling into the Most High, where love was personified, throught praise. Peace has bestowed upon our stillness, for the loving of a gentle sound. All praises to the Creator, as love continues to, abound!

The world of opera is a space, where the Heavens are gifted with such a praise! It has been stated, before. Nevertheless, it will be stated, again. The Opera is one of such musical havens, where the Creator has demonstrated its power. Its Universal power and range is a testament to the greatness of Heaven’s domain. Can you imagine the opera? Can you imagine its wonder? Do you understand how its power radiates through the Heavens? Do you know just how beautiful and bountiful opera music is? In fact, it feels as if it is vibrating throughout the entire atmosphere. Like a sudden earthquake, which happens to shatter the very existence, the opera has a way of getting us to move through a higher layer of the self. There are ways of moving into a greater Divine! In fact, you know when music has reached into a higher peak of the Divine when the essence of peace is felt and experience. All of a sudden, such a love feels so free. There are no inhibitions. No one is forced to be loved, or be in love for that matter. The love is free, when you are in a stage of peace.

Peace begins with words and they are certified by actions. Furthermore, they are also safeguarded with the very feeling of seeing peace, as a journey and an instant feeling. It all depends on how we would like to start. How we begin and where we hope to end? Nevertheless, one thing is for sure. It all begins with, peace. The Most High and peace are craftily, interlinked. It’s all part of the very process, when moving through the serenade of peace.

Peace is fascinating and a colorful experience. When it is all said and done, our peace comes from the Creator’s domain. Heaven is the epitome of peace. Calling out to that peace is one of the very forms of giving praise to the Most High! What does it mean to bless oneself, cover oneself with the blessings and grace of, Heavenly peace!

Pace, Pace Mio Dio!”

Dusolina Giannini

Peace, Peace, My God!” The desire (and blessings) have been granted!

Dusolina Giannini