History has recorded statesmen and women who have led by peaceful means, and it has also recorded individuals who did not. How does it happen? Why do some individuals lead with virtues and grace, and others lead with force and control?

We tend to treat others the way we feel about ourselves. This is true for leaders as well. When a leader is not conflicted inside and has truly experienced pure, unconditional love, then he/she will be at peace. These leaders do not need any affirmation from the outside, nor will criticism affect them. They are in an inner state of peace, which is inner power, while playing the part of someone in a position of leadership to society.

As a matter of fact, if someone has not felt loved, secured or cared for, and steps into a position of power, they tend to lead from a place of control, insecurity, and fear. Their vibrations emanate from the base of their consciousness which will breed misgivings in those around them and in the people they lead. Positive or negative, our feelings spread and have an impact on the environment around us.

Consider the actions of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Kim Jong, Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein. What inspired their acts of violence and disregard for human life? Could they have felt the need so strongly to be in control and superior to others if they had truly felt loved and secure in who they were? Or were the acts upon others their attempts to feel empowered and important?

And let’s not forget, those who led from a deeply rooted relationship with the Divine. Whose leadership became beacons of hope for humanity, despite the personal adversity they experienced in the process? King, Gandhi, Jesus, Mandela, Buddha, Mother Theresa, and many more. How did they shine so bright, and still continue to inspire a brighter humanity today?

Dadi Janki, on Love

Consider these qualities of a peaceful leader:

1. Connected to a Source greater than himself or herself
2. Emanates the energy of bringing people together for a greater good
3. Walks his/her talk
4. Open to dialogue that can help to understand the hearts of those he/she leads
5. Is a great listener
6. Lives from a deep self-respect that inspires others to model their self-respect
7. Is slow and steady and long lasting
8. Promotes loving resolve and dispels fear
9. Isn’t power hungry because they carry a natural inner power that models values and virtues to sustain generations to come
10. Has great wisdom and masters the art of sharing that wisdom with dignity and forthrightness

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A peaceful leader will not carry the burden of darkness, but rather the torch of light and inspiration. They will remind us of our innate courage and goodness, breathing stable liberating truths. We are at a time in history where we find ourselves in need of more peaceful leaders, and not only in set positions of leadership. Rather, each of us has the potential to be a #peacefulleader, in our homes, places of work, communities, cities, states and countries. We have a constant, current, pressing opportunity to step into our inner power, connect with our Source of power and expand love, economic prosperity, harmony, and inspiration for future generations to come. There’s no better time in our history than to birth a generation of #PeacefulLeaders who can create a new narrative that supports the lives of all as well as to promote spiritual well being to sustain such a narrative.

Are you a #peacefulleader and what gives you strength? Is there a peaceful leader in your life and why? Tweet your thoughts.

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