I don’t know the big words
I don’t know the Dickinson
I don’t know the Faulkner
I don’t know the grammar
Do they like sugar with their tea? 

The encyclopedia is all slang
The greats and being great all feel the same 
Same in me but never in me 
Inadequacy lost in the alphabet of poets 

The artist misunderstood the banker
The water looked for the vinegar
The dead don’t care if you are alive 

Unique is perfection not attainable 
My fingernails will never grow
I mean,  does Dolly Parton sleep on her back?

I can’t remember yesterday
Embarrassed to check the spell
Laughing when tickled under my armpits
A life of  thesaurus promotions 

The waiting chair to be sat
A dog waits for a bone
A girl breathless for the kiss
My feet are on my ground  

I heard your touch deep in my soul
I heard your movie taking me away
I heard your book of wordless wonder 

My pen whispered to the  paper
My fingers surrendered to the mystics
My hangnail hurts in vinegar
I peeked  behind the sofa 

Baseball is like watching paint dry
Watching the clock stops time and the gift

I don’t know the big word
Eyes talk to a tree
My feet walk on hot coals 
Courage is vanilla not chocolate 

My hair grows like wildfire
Yosemite is a big word
Easily mispronounced
I did 

I ran fast when young
Speed is my default
Make it until you fake it
A white pill keeps me from shaking 

Wonder Bread is the best for hamburgers
Wonder Bread is superhero inbreeding
Wonder Bread is chapter 5
Wonder Bread is money in my bank 

Speed skips vowels
Rules of homophones, antagonistic letters engraved in stone
Where is there anyway? 

I am possessed to write
A possessive pronoun a tripwire in battle
A possessed husband locks the door 

Rules adjective
Rules adjectate
Rules adjectify
Rules adjust  

Hard work is scrupulous
Big word are gas in my stomach
My teeth grit in Costco lines of tested patience  

A noun is a house
A noun is a cat
A noun is please and a thank you
A noun is white as bread
A noun is 1st grade A’s 

My bigness feels the room
Full bleed is my nose over my skies 

Paper in my hand
Paper worthy of the appellation of inked cobble stones
Big word
Paper of dripping edgy cuts of paper
Paper lined my drawer 

Is my story your story?
Is this place for me?
Is this a question I ask?
Is this book on the floor?
Is this a  scratch on my head? 

Throw spaghetti on the wall 

even know the sounds of this is something quite atrocious 

Big word 

A penny for me thoughts 

I tap dance out my mouth