Roger Wakefield, the founder/owner/operator of Texas Green Plumbing, is not at a new name. In fact, the YouTube sensation is adored by everyone across the globe for saving them loads of bucks by giving them handy plumbing tips and tricks. Yet, how precisely does a mediocre plumber embarked on the life-transforming journey of becoming an expert plumber while taking the internet storm with his easy YouTube plumbing tutorials? Let’s hear the telltale directly from the US’ leading plumber, entrepreneur, and podcaster, who has won several accolades, including the American Standard’s Plumber, Know-How Contest, and named a Plumbing Expert in 2017, which made his distinct as the expert plumber.

Roger Wakefield, being the mastermind behind the Richardson-based Texas Green Plumbing, is also a member of Green Plumbers USA. It was then in 2018 that he received an email from the president of the Green Plumbers USA that informed him about the American Standard who is running a contest, and they are looking for the next expert plumber. “I still remember this call word to word, even including the patterns of my heartbeat that left me awestruck, for I knew something BIG was about to happen,” he says.

The call further informed Wakefield that American Standards also run a plumber’s know-how contest. To participate, he had to create a video as a submission prerequisite, which will be followed by the scrutiny to judge his plumbing licenses. “As soon as these words echoed inside my ears, I was overwhelmed. I knew I was an educated plumber with a plenteous endorsement in Texas, Medical Gas, Water Supply Protection Specialist, Multi-Purpose Residential Fire Protection System, RMP. While beside the plumbing, I’m also a LEED AP, which is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design focused on building a green building. I had faith in myself that I can do it,” says Roger Wakefield. “And I believe it was that faith that made me what you know as Expert Plumber,” he adds.

Making video and getting it to submit was just another task for Wakefield, who was already indulged in creating masterpieces on YouTube providing plumbing guidance to masses. “The very next thing after the call I did was to collaborate with my crew. We got together, discussed, and got on the grounds right away. We all knew this was something we could do. We finally brought forth an exceptionally thought video for American Standard in alignment with their prerequisites: they wanted to know a tip, they wanted you to talk about why you liked American Standard, and then they just show them your personality,” says Roger Wakefield.

The video is still accessible on YouTube at The Expert Plumber, and it’s one that says, “Roger Wakefield American Standard next expert plumber.” “The title reflected how determined I was to receive this title, yet my victory is the joint efforts of my crew, never would I have become an expert without their exertion,” says Wakefield. Roger Wakefield reveals that the crucial video that made him an expert plumber gave him the best time of his life. “I still reminisce about the good time we had making it. We had a lot of fun, yet, significantly, I won the competition because I depicted the life lesion in my golden tip. My big tip was; everybody in your house should know how to go outside and turn the water off, whether it is at the meter, at the valve box at your house. Because you may have a water problem or a water emergency, anybody in your house that knows how to shut that water off can do it immediately, and that can save you thousands of dollars. And that is solely why American Standard picked me as their expert plumber because this one is a bit of honest advice,” says Roger Wakefield.