It’s been a handful of months since the Las Vegas shooting, and for some reason I am compelled to share my perspective on it. A day or two after this heartbreaking event I felt the urge to write a poem to vent my own personal frustrations.

I shortly realized after writing, that the truth is event’s like Vegas happen around the world all of the time without most of us even being aware of them occurring.  If you resonate with what I have said in this intro, read the poem below and let me know your thoughts on the Vegas shooting and what we can learn from tragedies like this one.

We are lost in a void of disassociation

So worked up on our own self annihilation

Creating disease and war, Creating fear and horror

What if the tragedies we witness were suborned ?

Do you know the truth behind the lies

Or do crave to claim your opinion for a prize?

Do you know the history behind the scene

Or do you just desire to express our suffering?

I can’t take the heartache, I just can’t ingest the lies

How can we claim to know the truth of what we didn’t witness with our own eyes

I can’t take the heartache, I just can’t ingest the lies

The news will pit us, against us if you haven’t realized

So Pray, meditate, be one with your infinite grace

So Pray, meditate, be one with your own race

So Pray, meditate, be one in this sacred place

So Pray, meditate, be one, say thanks

To the families and victims of this world’s pain I pray

To the people who lost their lives along the way

This isn’t something new, this happens every day

Yet location points of pain seem to sway

From the middle east, to the plains of the Dakota’s

From Mexico, Puerto Rico, Florida & unknown

Las Vegas is just a sign that we need change,

So before we point the finger and blame

We must ask ourselves, how could “I” be better today

-Skylar G. Lysaker

Social: @skyhighlifestyleblog