Get a man in solitude and you never know what you are prone to receive. Just know this. You can capture his thoughts. When a man moves through the very treasures of stillness, comprehend that there is a powerful level of intimacy, within his Spirit. So, what are his thoughts? What is he reflecting upon? Is it the fact that he is in solitude and his heart is longing for more? What must be the case? Could it also be the yearning for one’s love?

Digital imagery of song has crafted a way for singers to expand their international audiences. The lack of knowing a language is no longer a barrier. For, the emotions (and tender awakening) within the song brings a higher level into the human experience. The emotions are stronger. There is a greater awakening into the psyche. Furthermore, one of the most elegant mysteries correlates to simultaneously experiencing a natural high to love, with another human being, whose language and culture is different from one’s own. For that moment, and within the journey of a particular song, your Spirits become aligned on the same direction. They begin to experience the sensory of what such a journey means. Every particle and sensitivity is awakened and touch. There are times when a person is crafted with the agility, and ability to move together with another, within a certain time. The emotions are up. The emotions go down. They may linger within a flattened period. Nevertheless, they come to experience the depths of loving emotions within the course of that song; and they do it, together.

Here we are, again. It’s the spirit of the Armenian tongue, which has arisen. Once more. Once again. The title of the song is “Yes Qez Siraharvel.” And yet, the video to the song is even more awakening. Watch the mannerisms of the man who ponders. Watch how he walks, sits, and stands. Love is obviously knocking at his heart. Sometimes, a man can get antsy when he doesn’t know how to reflect that love. Sometimes. So, it’s best to sit still. It’s best to get still. Sit down. Move slow. Get into the rhythm for moving still. It’s a necessary process, should you desire to expand into a loving ecstasy. Wandering around in a frantic only causes chaos. You miss out on those loving vibes. For a man, in tuned in his energy, it’s best to, go slow! Move slow. Just know that love comes when we get, centered. We get, still!