Today we are passing through an array of mixed feelings amid COVID-19. You might be feeling scared, puzzled, and a great sense of loss and in the next minute, thankful, positive, and at ease.

Remember that emotions are like visitors–they arrive, and then they expire quickly. No passion is permanent, just as no visitor ever lingers forever. Only as we can count on various feelings to arise, we can also be confident that they will ease and quit.

I look for inspirational personalities who are positive in their life and does innovative things. It gives me a boost to do better in life and even write about them, a few days before I read about one such personality who is young and influential very sound with his innovative technics. He knows how to use the online platform and make some good money even in this Pandemic. I felt like I should take some tips from rising talent Jose Arias thriving young entrepreneur & online marketing expert.

His passion for personal development, research in technology is incredible. He knows what is running in the market and which strategy will work for individual and company. 

It has been a tough time for all of us due to Pandemic and to see someone rising with the same speed gives us and energy and hope to people who are losing hope. I have taken his example as a random pick of top influential people who I feel have the talent who can do well in every situation. 

I believe the worst time due to Pandemic is gone now we should focus on bringing our life back on track whether it’s personal or business.