In the aftermath of the election, almost everyone I know is feeling some degree of anxiety. Like most, I was initially in shock — followed by an overwhelming feeling of sadness and disbelief. After which, frankly, I walked around questioning everything and everybody. Who are these countrymen and women that view the world through a vastly different lens than I? Why are we so diametrically opposed to one another? What are our shared values? Who is holding our moral compass?

I experienced confusion and a sense of discord because I perceive our nation to be a strong but benevolent one, inhabited by a multi-ethnic and multicultural populace, endowed with dignity and stature; one that is highly respected and admired by other nations around the globe. I believe ours is a Nation of laws, with checks and balances that help steer us toward compromise and an equitable resolution to our mutual problems.

But I feared that the country I love was in imminent danger, and the truths upon which she was created brought into question, or about to be radically altered.

I was in denial that our country could be so deeply divided — that the people of America could apparently be so out of step, so lacking in harmony and compatibility; I kept hoping I’d wake up from the nightmare.

But I am fully awake, and I’ve come to terms with the fact that a cataclysmic shift has taken place, and moping about it won’t change that.

Once I stopped stewing in my own grief, I began to consider what I could do to combat the dark cloud of foreboding hanging over me and so many of my colleagues. I pondered what we could do to recover our sense of balance — to continue to be hopeful and proactive about our dreams for the future.

I decided to find something positive to counteract the negatives, and I started with my own behavior. I have always felt a strong need during difficult times to take the high road. And now is no different. Staking out the high moral ground includes being kind and supportive to ourselves and to others. I believe there is power in positivity. It sounds simple — but is essentially straight out of the gospel of the 60s that I cut my teeth on. Wisdom, Love, Gratitude, and Kindness are the stepping stones to recovery — from any challenge.

How can we nurture and support the essence of who we are, as well as forge a lifeline out of our apparent discontinuity into mutual respect and understanding? Like they said in England during WW11, Keep Calm and Carry On.

Use positivity to overcome feelings of hopelessness and powerlessness. One way is to begin a daily journal to express and confirm your feelings, wants, and desires, and gratitude for all the blessings you surely have. Take a moment each day to acknowledge and be grateful for those things in life which many of us often take for granted, and watch your sense of tranquility begin to return.

Use positive reinforcement. Nurture and be supportive of your loved ones, friends, and colleagues, and regardless of how bleak things may seem at the moment, adopt an upbeat, can-do attitude about what may be possible in the future.

Concentrate on that which is in your power to control, and refrain from stressing about those things that lay beyond it — avoid giving in to immobilizing stress, by recognizing that the one and only thing you can count on in life is change. Determine to take changes in stride and know that with hard work, dedication and effort — positive changes will occur.

That is not to suggest that we give up on our ideals and morals, or blindly accept what goes against our beliefs or true nature. Not at all. Indeed, once we can appreciate and care for ourselves, and project a positive outlook for others, we’ll have the ability to be stronger, wiser, and more determined to achieve what most of us seek — a satisfied and fulfilled life.

Use meditation to bring balance back into your life by seeking harmony within, self awareness, a sense of calm, and mindfulness.

Meditation has become a meaningful part of my life — I now practice it every day, calming my mind and reaching for my highest self. During my meditation process, I concentrate on fulfilling my destiny; on doing my very best each day, and being supportive, understanding, and kind.

I have my own business, with several employees who look to me for leadership. I’m all about acknowledging and reinforcing people for the good work they do — this includes giving positive feedback, and establishing a nurturing, non-judgmental environment. I encourage my team with positive affirmations, and suggest that they use such affirmations as a means to attract positive energy. I hold weekly meetings with my employees in which we not only discuss issues and concerns pertinent to our business, but also where we can share our personal issues, goals and aspirations.

I have learned that establishing an environment of inclusion and positivity not only builds trust, it bolsters the camaraderie and friendship we share, and helps us work better and achieve more.

Be a beacon of positive light — create a sense of balance, harmony, strength and wisdom in your sphere of influence so that we can get on with the hard work ahead of us.

Never give up. With clear minds, unclouded by despair and helplessness, we will find the power within to overcome the adversity we face. We’ll see more clearly the changes necessary to bring our Nation back together so that all of us — not just some of us, can lead the satisfied and fulfilled lives we long for.

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