Most people will wait around until the New Year to reset goals and intentions. I want to remind you that you can re-set them ANY time you choose. In fact, come back to revisit, readjust and realign in every new month, every new week, every day as a part of your power morning routine. There is a wealth of research and self development books reminding us, that how you start your day matters. Begin cultivating your morning to start with inspiration and motivation to improve your ability to get up and go after your life desires.

The older we get the faster time seems to fly by, and why I it’s so vitally important to make every moment count. Taking the time to connect with your intentions, making sure that you are clear, have inspiration and direction about the things you desire and taking the steps to make sure they happen.

The joy and success we want for our lives comes not only in the setting, or achievement of the goals, but, in making sure that the time spent pursuing those big bold dreams is actually enjoyable. Because if you hate every moment of the pursuit, then what is the point in it all. The point of life is to have fun and enjoy it right??

This is why I love using visualisation as a tool to help me tap into dreams and goals every single day. It allows me to be able to get up each morning and go through my day feeling inspired and excited by life and the endless possibilities, to go out and do things that are continually pushing the boundaries of what is comfortable. This is where your confidence begins to grow, but also your fulfillment as you gain a sense of what you are doing in your life matters. It matters to you, the people around you and the world as a whole. The closer you can connect with the goal and your reasons why, the more you empower yourself to be able to create change.

Below is a visualisation to open up your consciousness to your deeper dreams and desires. This is not about forcing yourself to think about anything specific, but just allowing your mind to wander. No judgements, no barriers, just follow the prompts and notice what comes up for you, allow your pen to flow and your consciousness to dream.

Allow yourself to tap into something from within. Let go of internal judgements and opinions that may have influenced your past decisions and now tapping into becoming the person that you were always meant to be. What would that look like? How would it feel?

Grab your journal, notebook or any old scrap of paper for that matter and write down all that comes to mind with the following questions/statements

If you were to imagine, to dream, to just let your mind wander on the idea of your ideal life, the best life you could create, with no limitations on money, time, resources or ability. What would you be experiencing?

You wake up in the morning and notice a feeling of complete love and gratitude in your life, what would your house look like? Where is it? How is it decorated? What do you see when you look out of the window?

What does your morning look like? What is the atmosphere like around the breakfast table in the morning? What are you looking forward to doing today? When you get dressed and ready for the day, how do you feel when you look at your body in the mirror?  How do your clothes feel when you put them on? What are you wearing that amplifies how amazing you feel in your body?

Start to set about your working day doing the work that you absolutely love. You look forward to completing your work, helping people and making a difference. Full of creativity and passion for what you do. You feel supported in your work knowing you have a team of people who make all of this awesomeness happen. Notice how you speak and interact with people as your most confident self. Write down and be as descriptive as you can about the work you are doing in your ideal life.

How much money do you earn? Knowing that you no longer need to stress about money, that there is always enough and that you are good with your money, saving it and investing it, but also having enough to do the things that bring joy to your life.

How do you add movement into your day? You have finally foud exercise that you LOVE doing, whether it’s working up a sweat in a way that feels awesome or just walking and stretching, you know this is what your body needs for the long term. Your body feels happy, it feels so healthy and energised. You eat foods that allow your body to feel nourished, that are high vibe and taste amazing, You LOVE eating well and it now comes with so much ease as you feel connected with what your body needs.

What do you do to add fun into each day?  Is it going out and doing activities? Is it relaxing in luxury? Who are you spending your time with? How do you connect with them? 

What experiences, challenges or holidays have you got coming up? What type of hotels do you stay in? Maybe you are adding in travel and making an impact by doing charity work. What are you doing to constantly upgrade your life but also to impact the planet? What do you do to be able to give back?

Take the time and space for yourself to write down things in as much detail as possible. Everything that you noticed, from physical things, thoughts, feelings, emotions, sounds, smells. Tap into every sense and acknowledge it, soak it in and feel into it.

Don’t worry if you struggled to see much at all. Like anything this is a practice and the more often you do this the easier it becomes to start expanding that vision. Over time it becomes even more fun, it becomes clearer. Some things will shift, some things keep on showing up time and time again and get more intense. Those are the things that start to become your priority focuses.

This is not meant to be a one off tool that you never revisit ever again. If you do that, then it’s nothing more than an enjoyable writing method. If you want to harness the power of this as a tool for manifesting and actually turning that vision into your real life, then consider re-visiting it daily as a practice. I also do this as a meditation or visualisation and now complete this in some way shape or form most days. It’s what allows me to wake up and take action steps each and every day. It’s part of my morning routine. When you change your morning, you change your life and this visualisation does become a very powerful element of that.