How much time do you spend worrying each day?

There is no shortage of material and valid reasons to worry these days. There is a level of uncertainty and uneasiness in the air that can be felt all around the world. This dis-ease fuels worry and fear of the unknown — fear that the worst case scenario of darkness is unfolding before us.

It is during these times of unrest that more of us need to come together and spread new thoughts and acts of love out into the world. Now more than ever, we need to share stories of hope, love, and faith that highlight the goodness and connectedness of the human spirit.

We all have darkness within us, and we all have light. When we view each other through a fear-based lens, we are quick to judge and find reasons to disconnect from one another. Fear and worry provide the ideal conditions that fuel the story we are different, separate, better or worse than others.

A loving lens doesn’t turn a blind eye to injustice or pretend what is happening — isn’t. A loving lens helps us to feel more love in our hearts, so we can share that feeling out into the world to help counterbalance that which is dark.

The human spirit is strong, loving, forgiving and wise. These positive traits are just as powerful and contagious as the ones found within the dark side of the human condition, such as: greed, judgment, hatred and ignorance.

It isn’t much of a stretch to see that in order to have: more light and less worry; more unity and less disconnection; more love and less fear — we need to tap into our capacity to choose love in more of our thoughts, conversations and interactions with one another.

In times of heightened worry, we can offset the uneasiness within ourselves by looking for the evidence of what is right in the world. We can exercise our freedom to see why it is worth choosing to feel love in our hearts. The reasons are everywhere.

1) We can see the miracles and light within the beauty and intricacy of our natural environment.

2) We can easily recognize the good side of the human spirit in the faces and hearts of the ones we hold close.

3) We can connect inward and strengthen our spirit. By becoming more familiar with our own humanity, we begin to notice that the light within us also exists within strangers we share space with out in the world.

We have the power of choice to create new thoughts and connect with others from a place of love. We don’t have to connect to one another through darkness. We can free ourselves from being swallowed by worry and fear by simply allowing more love in our hearts.

What about you, how might you choose to expand the love within your human spirit?

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  • Emily Madill is an author and certified professional coach, ACC with a BA in business and psychology. Emily is one of Thrive Global's Editors-at-large and a coach at BetterUp. She has published 11 titles in the area of self-development and empowerment, both for children and adults. You can find her writing in Chicken Soup for the Soul:Think Positive for Kids; Thrive Global; The Huffington Post; TUT. com; Best Self Magazine; MindBodyGreen; The Muse;; TinyBuddha; Aspire Magazine and others. Emily has a private coaching practice and an online program offering courses that support others to create lasting habits around self-love, well-being and all things related to time and weekly planning. She lives on Vancouver Island, Canada, with her husband, two sons and their sweet rescue dog Annie. Learn more at: