EDUCATION: This one magical word summarizes way more than what meets the eye.

I get asked ever so often- What is the importance of Education? Why should I go to college or why should I go for a graduate degree? For some reason education is always equated to LEARNING to earn a LIVELIHOOD. There are many who point out that they were high school dropouts and still are earning way more than a graduate earns. There are so many examples thrown in your face of people who were high school or college dropouts and are successful Millionaires. So, the question stands: why go through the farce of going to a college and getting a higher degree?

I have a very different take on EDUCATION. I have been a student for life and have been amassing knowledge in multiple fields. I never had a goal of ‘Education for Livelihood’. There is much more to education than just using it for putting bread on your plate.

Here’s a different take on WHY EDUCATION? Let me give you an example that will simplify things. How many of us go to the gym, hike, swim, lift weights or do any other physical activity on a regular basis? Almost all of us or at least we aspire to do it. Now ask yourself WHY? Are you planning to participate in the Olympics, Weight lifting competitions, make one of these your occupation, or earn a medal? If the answer to all of the above is NO, then you would say well working out on a regular basis exercises my body, and keeps me healthy. Now, your body also keeps working on building muscles, getting rid of fat cells, toxic build up and keeping your body machinery well-oiled and running smoothly. This all happens when you are not working out. It’s a small thank you gift from your body to you.

Well the same analogy stands for EDUCATION. Through Education, you are exercising the most powerful organ of your body- YOUR BRAIN!

This is one of the most popular way to keep your brain in the exercise mode. It’s a great workout for your brain when you feed information to it and indirectly your brain looks into different ways of applying it. Your brain will definitely thank you for giving the gift of education in the most extraordinary circumstances. You will be surprised as to when your brain will be indirectly applying the educational concepts to your real-life hurdles.

EDUCATION is also what will help you make the right decisions. During these unprecedented times, I see so many struggling with what decisions should they make. I see them struggling since they rely on the news channels, opinions of political leaders, whats app forwards, social media forwards to make their own decision. And everything changes in a jiffy as soon as the messages and opinions of these popular people changes. Now people are confused as to what to believe in and what to follow.

Well the answer is simple: EDUCATION- get your selves educated on this matter by looking into what a virus is, what’s the nature of a virus, how does it infect a person, what’s the size of the virus and then look into the options on hand and decide for yourself what option will be best for you to protect YOU.

Your brain will find ample opportunities to reward you for keeping it exercised by feeding knowledge.

So, my question is if you don’t find an excuse to exercise the other body parts, why are you hesitant to exercise the most important body part- your brain? What’s your excuse my friend?

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Dr. Sheetal Karnik

New Edge Science Academy