In 2018 I learned a lesson that i want to cascade to all my fellow girlfriends and all young women in the world, from the East to the West, from the South to the North of the world, no matter where you come from or what you do in your life.

The only advice i would give, even if it was the last post you read of my pills of life experiences, is to never give up your freedom of choice. Life is about circumstances, happenings, geographical location, the people you meet and the places you see. However, no matter how life treats you ( which is a direct response to your behavior towards it) please, do not give up on it. Keep trying, keep fighting for girl power, for your dreams, for the Love of your Life, your inseparable soul mate and travel companion. Keep fighting for the job you have always dreamed of, and keep exploring new places, keep talking to new faces, and rest and take care of yourself when you are at home.

Keep your kindness and your good heart, nurture it with good friends relations, going out for a good chat or a nice movie, a jazz concert or a birthday of your best friend. Keep your integrity and your ethics. You are a human being in this universe to do good and not to harm others. Respect others, Respect yourself. Do not push to much, learn to grow and let go. Keep smiling, keep giving. Sleep and eat well. Pamper yourself and dance alone.

I wish this small message can arrive to the homes of all girls in the world. You are beautiful, you are free, you are worth it. You deserve your happiness, and the visions you had when you were young will come true. Don’t stop believing.

Happy 2019, and May all Your Dreams come true.

Playlist for you:

Stop– Spice Girls

Can’t get enough of your love babe– Barry White

Big Calm – full album – Morcheeba

Question of Faith– Lighthouse Family

Everlong– Foo Fighters