Where is that knight,
the one is shining armour,
who’s supposedly made of steel,
but hearts filled with valour?

Why didn’t he slay the mighty dragon,
climb to the tallest tower,
brave the perilous quests,
awaken me from infinite slumber?

Where is my hero of dreams
for whom we are told to wait,
whose single glance spins you dizzy,
whose touch makes you faint?

Maybe he was stuck,
temporarily caught in the journey,
Maybe stuck in traffic,
at the corner of gloom and morbidity.

Or maybe he could be having a fun time
forgotten his entrusted duty,
In that case what am I doing here,
waiting for him to rescue me?

I have to get real,
and stop this wishful thinking!
Men just aren’t like that,
they aren’t made to your liking.

I can’t waste my whole life,
waiting for a gallant horseman.
Oh, for goodness sake!
This is 21st century, Woman!

I alone will dare the challenges,
brave the risky waters,
sail the seven seas,
to the land of infinite wonders.

I will dig my own gold,
and find my own fortune,
no need for a fairy godmother,
or that ridiculous potion.

My skills are mine own,
my success, no one else’s,
Just you wait and see,
I will move mountains !

And if perchance a miracle occurs
And I do Happen to marry a man
In that case, I’ll be the FIRST, a Pioneer!
Because he’ll have to take my last name.

Originally published at medium.com