During times when uncertainty peaks, it is especially important to connect with yourself on a granular level. This means recognizing who you are, re-assessing your own vision, ideas and goals and participating in activities that will help you to remain grounded, or get closer to achieving or outlining new endeavours. This article outlines 4 ways to maintain clarity amidst uncertainty, like what we are facing with Covid- 19 and to remain empowered.

Gratitude and Motivational Mantra

Establish 1 thing that you are grateful for everyday and 1 aspect of your life that you want to improve upon. You can choose to recite it or visualize it at night, or in the morning. Along with establishing 1 thing you are grateful for everyday, reciting a mantra will help you find motivation to remain focused on achieving the one aspect of your life or thing, that you want to achieve improvement on.

Meditate and Visualize

Visualizing where you are currently in your life and working on goal setting with specific cues or centring imagery, will allow you to find and restore your sense of calm and focus. There are so many techniques available and schools of thought on meditation, that the practice can appear to be overwhelming. Some simple ways to start are: i) In a sitting or lying position, place one hand on your chest and another on your belly and take 5 breaths, in through the nose and out through your mouth. As you breathe, think about expanding your belly under your palm. ii) close your eyes and visualize yourself in a space that you find calming for you and try to place yourself there for 2 mins. iii) use guided auditory neural beats to help cue your mind and body into a relaxed state. There are numerous apps to incorporate into your routine that provide guidance on meditation.

Visualizing yourself succeeding at the highest level and on an endeavour that you have yet to achieve but are working towards, gets you closer to accomplishing it and to understanding that your idea of that accomplishment evolves consistently.

Connecting with others and reading material to learn from and stay stimulated by.

One way to keep grounded is to open yourself up to others. Engage in opportunities to expand your network and the breadth of your knowledge.

Read. Listen. Study Content.

Consistently rewrite your own definition of Growth and Thriving.

Write even if you are not a writer or never have written before. Write for yourself and rewrite your current ways of doing tasks to include new approaches and aspirations.

Establishing your own ideal and promise to be your best & Do your best

The most important thing one can do, is to make a promise to themselves that they will consistently find ways to stay connected to themselves and others and remain motivated. One of the ways to do so is to consistently open your ideas to changing, adapting and encompassing more. Think about what the word MORE means to you and allow it to serve as your springboard for rewriting or reworking daily action.