There is a saying in Costa Rica, Pura Vida, which simply translated means “Simple Life” or “Pure Life”, but for those that live there, it is a way of life. I was fortunate to travel to the beautiful Pacific beaches surrounding the village of Nosara.  I discovered during my travels that the Customer Experience, or Journey, buzzword that permeates our current business culture, is also found in this rain-forested, rugged country and I took note of the formula.

One of our adventures was an ATV guided tour and due to challenges with the company we had planned to book with, we took a chance on a referral to a local father-son start-up.  Pippin, the father and name of the company, was one of 2 guides with us that day. The journey through rivers and jungle was fantastic but it was the unexpected touches that made it an experience.  

They were attentive to realizing what they may see every day was new for us. They stopped to give us time to gaze at Howler Monkeys in the trees above us.  At our waterfall stop, they carved fresh Pineapple and joined us in sharing in the juicy fruit on a hot day.  They carefully escorted my sons (and me!) to the top of the falls with concern for their safety and then helped us jump to the pool of water beneath.

But the unique element that had the greatest impact, was a stop to a local small, mountainside farm for lunch where a mother and daughter had prepared a traditional home cooked meal for us to enjoy. We sat and talked with our guides learning about their country and culture while enjoying amazing, fresh cuisine and fruit based refreshments and watching livestock graze in the lush valley.

There may be some products and services that are superior but that can also change as competition improves their offerings. In this ATV tour experience, it would seem anyone can buy the equipment and lead tours. My takeaway is that you do control the experience and what you create goes a long way in differentiating you.

To top it off, Pippin had been taking videos of our day which were provided for free, but we were even spotlighted as part of their advertising…not indefinitely, but that kind of made you feel special too.

~ Pura Vida


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