Have you ever experienced a complete burnout? Has it been so overwhelmingly destructive that you felt you needed to completely change the way you live? Or have you burned out and have found it impossible to move forward?

Many of us, especially in the modern madness of today’s world, experience what is known as burnout. It can happen for a variety of different reasons, but the overriding result is often a loss of authentic happiness.

But what exactly is burnout? I saw it more as a burn inside that destroys everything not only inside but outside too.

You have the feeling that you live in a home where there is no electricity, no light, no power anymore. You have no emotions, no feelings; you become a robot acting automatically every day without really thinking.

You feel you have so much pressure or stress in your life. You have more than one life to cope with. You usually have at least three to four lives to live simultaneously and you don’t know where to start, where the priorities are anymore, what’s important and what’s not. You just want to escape the reality and go back to sleep to flee away from the daily life. You feel you are inside of a labyrinth and you don’t know where the exit door is. You want to survive and not die, however you don’t know where to start and what to do.

I intuitively knew, I had to go back intensively to sport, sport, and sport! And I had to visualize my clear vision, i.e. be back on track in a healthy body with a healthy and happy mindset as I always had. So I put on the wall, a picture of me on my water-ski board when I was 25 years old and said to myself, I want this body and this positive mind-set back in my life! Water-skiing at that time was my major hobby. I felt alive, full of joy and happiness, surfing on the water, being free, in the open air!

And so started the whole journey to rebuild myself with healthy life-changing tools, no medication at all, a will to fully recover from drowning in the ocean to be back on my water-ski board, surfing on the sea, where it was for me the best place to be and I felt so happy.

I embarked more on a journey of self-discovery as a key to lasting happiness which lead me to write my first book with 365 tips and hints in different areas: health is wealth; sport is the anchor for the body; healthy sleeping, healthy eating will boost my energy, get rid of any stress, positive thinking, colours influence your mind-set, the power of thoughts, words, gemstones, breathing, relaxing, healing, spiritual awaking, a new sense of my life, feel connected to the universe, happiness. On this journey, I have learnt many key life lessons such as: You can only change your life step by step, it takes a lot of courage, it’s never too late to change, impossible to change doesn’t exist if you don’t try, you can always reborn from ashes like the phoenix and it always start with you first to become a better, healthier and happier version of yourself! 

You can always turn the negative into positive, it’s never too late. Like an alchemist, I transformed this negative experience into a much more positive one, i.e. realizing one of my dreams since I was 21 years old: writing a book (the inner sun path to happiness) to share this journey of a healthier life style. I became an author and self-publisher and now my book is available on Amazon worldwide.

I now understand that this burnout was there for a good reason, for me to change my life drastically and be a better version of me now.

Who wants to begin a journey to a happier and more contented you now?

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