Rainy days and rainy nights! Just as rainy days have been depicted, as a space of sorrow, so have the nights. Never forget that it is through the course of the night, where bad things are deemed, as supposedly happening! Nighttime is viewed as the place, where bad things “always” happen. Too bad, people did not treasure the night, for the beauties and riches, that it contains. If only people came to realize that as the day, night also is a blessing from the Divine. It is from the Most High, and truly moves to demonstrate Heaven’s creativity, in the midst of the falsehoods, which have been spoken against the complement of the day.

We have spoken about the wellness of looking outside, during the daytime when it rains. Yet, what about our gazing outside, during its time of the night? Does that too have to be a form of depression, or can we recognize it for the creativity, that it is meant to be? What does that mean? Perhaps, it’s time to change our tune, when it comes to darkness!

Watching the pouring of rain, as it moves outside is filled with a splendor, that one cannot deny. One thing about the night, is how it illuminates things, that we may see their beauty. It is precious! It is restorative. In addition, there are moments when you are led into understanding the Heavenly vibes of one’s own nature; in your simple interaction with, the rain at night!

If you were to sit in the rain, could you imagine it’s mini-sparkles? Of course, in order to see its magic sparkles, you would have to be awake, in the course of, the dark.

So, in our listening of the song, Poems Of Love and the Rain: No. 7, In The Rain, we have moved into a higher domain, where we are reaching into Heaven’s nutrition. It is our desire to do, so; at least for those, who are in search of, goodness and a holistic way of Being! Therefore, let’s move into the Beauty, for a darkened hue! Only then, may we correct the misinformation and misguidance of her, Being!


Beverly Wolff