It’s often a constructive exercise to reflect and go through deliberate introspection to determine where one’s priorities might stand at any given moment. Ultimately, one’s priorities develop and change as they age and their professional and personal lives move along. Whereas priorities might rank differently when one is still a college student, they change dramatically relatively speaking once one has served in the workforce for a considerable period of time. Ultimately, family, values, ethics, principles and community are aspects that should be an absolutely high ranking priority for any person seeking to lead a healthy and stable lifestyle.

The Development

When one is still in their youth, they can often prize materialism over all else. In fact, this might plague those even in their 20s and 30s, who are still trying to situate their priorities properly. With time and professional development however, and with the accumulation of some amount of wealth, individuals’ emphasis on the importance of money seems to diminish – and for good reason. It no longer seems proper to view success from a purely financial perspective. Instead, success and what one might prioritize starts changing, in a mature-like fashion.

We often come across people in professional life that will recount their own development of their definition of priorities and how those priorities shifted as their professional and career development unfolded.

A More Mature Outlook

While financial security might certainly be important, money is also not everything. And with time, a fresher perspective seems to develop among people, concerning their outlook on the way they rank their priorities in life. Financial success is in no way a recipe for a successful and emotionally healthy lifestyle.

Instead, ensuring that one’s professional commitments are consistent with their values; and that their leading a lifestyle that’s consistent with those same principles is far more important.

True Success

True success is happiness and fulfillment. Leading a life that includes both happiness and fulfillment will provide one with the sort of emotional and mental stability that we all so crave. Taking steps back along the journey of life to analyze whether one is leading a life that is consistent with their own priorities that they truly care about, is paramount. Make sure to conduct a healthy amount of introspection; and make sure to emphasize those things that are truly most important. Don’t involve deception in this process at all – as you’ll only be deceiving yourself.