I know the world doesn’t make sense right now. I know every day you are scared and hopeless and tired. The silver lining keeps slipping into the blackness, along with your faith in humanity. People keep disappointing you over and over again to make you believe you are powerless.

You are only powerless if you give people permission to make you feel this way.

I hope you never lose faith in yourself because you can only control you. I hope you can see the multiple hardships, challenges, and knockdowns as the fuel to your growth.

Yes, some people have it easy. Some people move through life with blessings, privileges, and a seamless climb to the top. Your journey was never meant to be smooth. You’re different — the setbacks on the road shaped you into a fighter. The moments your voice was silenced pushed you to raise it. The times your light was diminished, only made you shine brighter.

You are living, breathing proof of the potential this world can be.

It is better because of your goodness.

It is better because of your heart.

It is better because you’re in it.

Keep having faith.

Your love, light, and kindness make this world a better place.

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Maryann Samreth is a mental health writer and founder of the authentic content writing business, Sincerely Miss Mary.