During one of the most stressful years on record, learning bubbles, “Pods” as they are called have allowed people to band together to share resources, stay connected, and provide sanity in a new normal.  
We have all adapted to a loss of human touch and connection, a screen between you and me, our smiles masked, and our hands sanitized. But we made it, to a new spring, and a time to consider- all that we can leave behind (A U2 song worth listening to – All That You Can Leave Behind). LEAVE BEHIND
Last March, when this all began, I went out for a run to the Charles River, it was lonely and a bit eerie. I had this idea to capture a few pics of our city, until I saw a few musicians socially distanced and joyfully playing their music. They more than caught my attention. I stopped running. Something I have not done in all my years of running in Boston…..I stopped to listen…and they let me into their circle of music. LISTEN 
They said they would play one more song, just for “this purpose”. This purpose? Not sure what exactly that meant, but for a moment our distance shortened. When I asked if I could ask them a question, mind you this was the first “gathered” group of 5 that I had encountered in weeks: I asked, what is it about us Bostonians? What does it mean to be “Boston Strong” and out here today? What is our Bostonence? One of the musicians humbly replied “trying to lead the way”. Jared his band mate replied, “just out here making “joyful noise”. LAST CALL
A year ago I asked myself: is that the magic potion or the remedy to the virus that knows no vaccine? Together we vaccinate ourselves and our loved ones with joy, spirit, music, and the gift of our time, together in our homes, hopefully building an immunity to what is much more than a virus.  
That day is upon us, we are building immunity, vaccinating, unmasking, and processing it all. My concern is what this very visual and traumatic experience has done to our brains, and I am working on it. We know that infants bond by looking at the face, eye contact, touch, smiling, and cuddling. What have our eyes seen and taken in for a year? 
While I can teach all things fitness and offer an hour of curated strength, cardio, flexibility, stability, mobility..all the while troubleshooting injury and individual needs. What this year has proven above and beyond any fitness deliverable- is that we need to make “joyful noise”together. To move-breath-be with others and strengthen our bond.
As we unmask and re-open, I am here to coach you to move your gaze around the room, feel your feet with all four corners on the ground, smile, laugh, and embrace those days where the best you can do is show up. Show up and I will tend to your body, mind and spirit. 
Now back to the bar for a moment, George Clooney’s “Tender Bar” (the book hasn’t left my table and one more week of shooting ): “Moehringer set out to write a memoir trying to explain how much he loves the bar that played such a big role in his life. He succeeded in making us love it as much as he does.” (you will love the book). This is what George Clooney, one of the biggest “Stars” does, he makes us love being together to listen to stories, to appreciate our seat at the bar, to support and “frequent the bar with a loving humanity”.
 My friends, this is my life’s purpose- to make you love movement, health and wellness as much as I do. To “move you” from where you are to where you want to be …tenderly. To enjoy last call at our “watering hole” and to always have your favorite seat. You deserve it!